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12 of the Most Powerful Antibiotics you can get Without a Prescription

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We have entered a truly dangerous period in human history in which not only have we lost touch with traditional, natural treatments for infection, but improper and excessive use of antibiotics has led to drug-resistant superbugs. Back in 2012, Dr. Margaret Chan, then director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), noted that we are moving toward […]

Natural Antibiotics to Stockpile Now: 10 herbs and Foods That Kill Superbugs

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(NaturalNews) Longtime readers of Natural News know that, because of massive over-prescribing by the modern healthcare industry, today’s crop of antibiotics are becoming less and less effective. Another culprit: The increased use of antibiotics in factory-farm animals.

Cure sinus infections naturally using these herbs

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(NaturalNews) This time of year, nearly everyone is suffering from some type of sinus irritation, whether it be a respiratory infection, head cold or agitated allergies caused by wintertime allergens (most likely cedar if you’re living in central Texas). If you’re like me, you avoid over-the-counter allergy pills like a plague. For one, they don’t […]

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