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How Do Cancerous Tumors Grow? With Sugar!

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New research finds that cancerous tumors feed on sugar to become more aggressive, as reported by the Science Daily. The study was a nine-year joint research effort that focused on the Warburg effect, which is the process by which cancer cells quickly break down sugar and stimulate the growth of tumors. “Our research reveals how the hyperactive sugar consumption […]

How Jennifer Aniston stays fit, slim and healthy with a busy lifestyle

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(NaturalNews) In 2011, former Friends  actress Jennifer Aniston was named the “sexiest woman alive” by Men’s Health magazine. That same year, Fitness magazine voted her “best body of the year”. With her 46 years, Jennifer Aniston has still one of the most toned, slim figures in Hollywood. In the past, there have been some crazy reports in papers and magazines […]

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