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Take Charge Of Your Own Life: The First Steps To Food Independence

Food Independence is a growing concern for many people, especially as access to foods that are free of GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals grows more and more restricted. For...

Food Freedom Bills Are Spreading Across The U.S.

Consumers are increasingly realizing the benefits of natural foods, and it appears their voices are finally being heard as new legislation has been proposed in California and Montana that...

Single Mother in California Facing Imprisonment Over Private Transaction on Facebook Food Group

(NaturalNews) A single Californian mom with six children is facing a possible jail sentence for selling homemade food on a Facebook community food group.Several years ago, Stockton resident Mariza Ruelas joined...

Texas Sheriffs Raid Raw Milk Exchanges… Real Country Food From A Cow Is Now Illegal in Texas

(NaturalNews) Buying milk about as close to nature as it gets – directly from the cow – is still a punishable offense in many areas of the U.S.

Congress Approves Monsanto Dark Act 2.0

(NaturalNews) With bipartisan support in Congress, Monsanto's Dark Act 2.0 is on the verge of becoming federal law, destroying consumers' chances of having real, on-package labels for GMOs.

Militarized USDA and EPA Using SWAT Teams to Terrorize Innocent People Including Lemon Growers and Small Farmers

(NaturalNews) The federal government is becoming increasingly militarized, with numerous agencies now employing their own SWAT teams to conduct raids on raw milk producers, beekeepers, lemon growers

Senate set to vote on DARK Act TODAY, bill would criminalize any and all claims that say non-GMO food is safer

(NaturalNews) A piece of legislation that would prohibit states from enacting GMO-labeling laws, as well as make it difficult for companies wishing to voluntarily label GMOs, is expected to hit the...

The DARK Act is BACK: Defend your human right to know what you're eating!


As citizens become more aware of what genetically engineered food can do to their health and that of their children, major corporations like Monsanto are starting to lose their grip...

Food Freedom: Backyard Strategies You Can Try Today

Food freedom – now that’s a loaded statement. Is there such a thing? How many of you go to the store every week to get produce and meat? I...

Fight for Raw Milk Heats Up in Wisconsin and Illinois

By Dr. Mercola Raw milk dairy products from organically raised pasture-fed cows rank among some of the healthiest foods you can consume. It’s far superior in terms of health...

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