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DNA Tests say Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken is Actually 50% Soy Product

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A food science story is rapidly going viral, claiming that Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken is only 50% chicken, with the rest being soy (that’s almost certainly GMO soy). Covered in CBC News out of Canada, the story cites researcher Matt Harnden at Trent University’s Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory. The lab says it test “meat” from five major fast […]

How can they call this bread? Here's what's in a fast food bun

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(NaturalNews) Let’s face it, we ALL love bread. Well, the large majority of us anyway. But conventionally processed bread can be detrimental to our health for a number of reasons, due to the long list of unhealthy ingredients it contains, including added sugars.

Fast food restaurants move towards organic food as Americans become health-conscious

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(NaturalNews) Many Americans are strolling around supermarkets, their carts filled with non-organic food galore. That same group likely considers fast food restaurants their second home, familiar with the menu’s latest triple-burger creations. However, these behaviors are becoming a thing of the past now that many people have started taking their health very seriously. They’ve been […]

How and why fast food is killing you one meal at a time


(NaturalNews) When it comes to our diet, taste and health should go hand in hand, with each of them being considered equally before consumption. Sure, sugary and salty concoctions taste really good, but is it really worth sacrificing your health for something tasty? Big Food thinks so. In fact, all they’re interested in is creating products that […]


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Fast food giant scrambles to stop reporter from asking questions A lot of hype has surrounded food giant McDonald’s at this year’s South by Southwest in the form of a massive food truck and dining tent complete with indie bands and cell phone charging stations. reporter Anthony Gucciardi dared to ask McDonald’s employees what […]

Fast Food Giants Losing Cash Desperately Try to Convince You They’re ‘Natural’


In a move that follows the continued loss of profits for fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King has announced that it will be dropping soda from its kids meal options — a move that undoubtedly comes as the food chain titans realize that the end of fake junk food is coming quicker than expected. It’s most […]

KFC meals contain mystery organs from tormented chickens

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(NaturalNews) Just when you think that fast food couldn’t possibly be any more disgusting, a California teenager finds what he believes is a chicken’s brain alongside his chicken breast, thighs and corn. Like many students, Manuel Cobarubies was looking for a quick meal when he decided to roll by KFC on Martin Luther King Boulevard […]

The 19 Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries – Including a Form of Silicone Found in Silly Putty

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Along with a petrol-based chemical Image Credits: Mike Mozart / Flickr Ever wonder what makes up highly popular fast food, such as McDonald’s chicken nuggets or french fries? If the fast food giants recently launched ‘transparency campaign’ tells us anything, it’s that the public is increasingly demanding truth and change. But what McDonald’s ‘truth campaign’ isn’t telling […]

Fast food meal remains unchanged after two years sitting on counter; bugs and fungi avoid toxic, junk food


(NaturalNews) Here’s a story to file in the “gross” category. For two years, a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries, along with a Taco Bell soft shell chicken taco, have sat on display, unwrapped and uneaten. That’s not the big deal. The eye-opening shocker is that 24 months later, they still look as fresh-from-the-kitchen as they did […]

McDonald’s apologizes over human tooth and plastic pieces found in food

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(NaturalNews) There are many situations in which a fast food restaurant should offer an apology to its customers. A mix-up at the drive-through window or an incorrectly calculated bill are a couple of examples. But what about the appearance of a human tooth in an order of fries? If not a tooth, what about enjoying […]

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