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Rapper Snoop Dogg and Eminem Verbally Attack President Trump To Promote New Albums.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has debuted a new anti-Trump song called ‘Make America Crip Again’ to promote his new album. “The president says he wants to make America great again. F*ck that sh*t. We gonna make America Crip again,” the 46-year-old rapper says in the title track of his upcoming album, “Make America Crip Again.” Later […]

Controversy After Eminem Drops More Than a Dozen F-Bombs on National Mall During ‘Concert for Valor’


Editor’s Note:The video embedded in this story contains strong language. Individuals turned to Twitter following Eminem’s performance on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to both defend and express outrage over the rapper’s flagrant use of the F-bomb at The Concert for Valor. The Detroit rapper riddled his HBO-streamed performance with curse words at the […]

Have drugs ruined Eminem’s looks?


He’s admitted that his past drug use almost cost him his life. And if the latest pictures of Eminem are any indication, the years of abuse seem to have had a lasting impact on his face. As the rapper spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Of The Year awards in New York on Wednesday, […]

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