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School Teacher Lies and Defames Anti-Abortion Activist

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On Monday June 5th, 2017 my sister and I stood outside of the Sandpoint Middle School on the public sidewalk. Our purpose was to expose the holocaust of human abortion and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was part of our endeavors to reach the young people with the truth of God’s word and […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Schools out for Summer. Live Wednesday at 7 PM EST

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On tonights Episode of Battle Ready Homestead we will be talking about how to transition your child from public school to summer vacation and hopefully homeschooling.  I have 2 children in my home that are now on summer vacation and will be home schooled this next year if our plans go smoothly. I am going […]

Assistant Principle Caught on Video Telling Teens to “Go to Hell” with Aborted Babies

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Abolitionist Conner Haines and his sister Lauren went to the Downingtown STEM Academy in Pennsylvania to talk to students about the abortion.  After a few minutes of setting up on the public sidewalk the two were confronted by Assistant Principal Zach Ruff.    The video below shows the wicked actions Assistant Principal Zach Ruff took twards the the two who […]

Christian Patriots Radio: Current Events Plaguing America. Live on Friday at 8 PM EST 

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Join Daniel and Chris as they discuss the latest headlines including the recent raid by ICE Agents on an American home as well as the story about  Pensylvania boy who was forced to undress in front of a transgender student.  To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the […]

Homeschool Dad Sues Federal Government for Kidnapping his 7 Children

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If ever there was a more pertinent threat to individual liberty and the God-given freedom of parents to care for their children how they best see fit, it is the entity known as “Child Protective Services” (CPS), which all across the country has ripped apart the lives of thousands of families. But an Arkansas family […]

US Government Caught Massively Fabricating Student Loan Default Data

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Ever since 2012 we have warned that one of the biggest threats arising from the US student loan bubble – which is no longer disputed by anyone except perhaps members of the outgoing administration – is not that it is soaring at an unprecedented pace, that’s obvious for anyone with the latest loan total number over $1.4 trillion, […]

Parents Outraged As School Children Taught Muslim Prayer


After a video emerged showing children learning how to pray in a mosque, angry parents are demanding a primary school in Holland to change its curriculum. The mosque in question, called the Ghulzar e Madina, is located in the Dutch city of Zwolle and is thought to have been visited by radical preachers from Pakistan. […]

U.S. Education Continues to Decline in Global Ranks: “Kids Keep Getting Dumber”


The U.S. Department of Education has just released it’s latest ranking of international education systems (Program for International Student Assessment – “PISA”) and performance of U.S. students just continues to deteriorate on both absolute and relative terms. Perhaps it’s time to have a real conversation about the complete failure of “Common Core” and the idiocy of allowing teachers’ unions to […]

Authoritarian Governments and "Education"

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Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. Government should be separated from education in the same way that it has been separated from religious institutions. I discuss the tremendous challenges that we face on Radio Sputnik: Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. […]

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