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U.S. Education Continues to Decline in Global Ranks: “Kids Keep Getting Dumber”


The U.S. Department of Education has just released it’s latest ranking of international education systems (Program for International Student Assessment – “PISA”) and performance of U.S. students just continues to deteriorate on both absolute and relative terms. Perhaps it’s time to have a real conversation about the complete failure of “Common Core” and the idiocy of allowing teachers’ unions to […]

Illinois School District Refuses to Allow Boy in Girls’ Locker Room, Defying Obama Administration

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CHICAGO — A school district in the Chicago area is remaining steadfast in its refusal to allow a male student who identifies as female to change in the girls’ locker room despite an opinion from the U.S. Department of Education that the district is violating federal law. According to reports, an unidentified high school student within Township High […]

Federal Report: The College Debt Bubble Is Collapsing Now: 33% Of All Student Loans Are Delinquent On Repayments


With all of that job creation being claimed by the Obama administration and disseminated by mainstream media outlets as signs of a sustained recovery you’d think most college graduates would have no trouble keeping up with their bills. But new data released by the Department of Education tell a different story. According to the report as many […]

Flood of illegal immigrants pour into NYC public schools


Department of Education plans this year to enroll 2,350 migrant children from Central America — with many more to come New York has sent a warning to its schools: Expect more illegal immigrants. The city Department of Education has told principals it plans this year to enroll 2,350 migrant children from Central America who crossed […]


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Snap inspections have been carried out in six East London schools by Ofsted, over fears that another Trojan Horse plot could be underway in the borough of Tower Hamlets. The inspections were ordered by the Department of Education after concerns were raised about the influence of Islamic teaching in the schools’ curriculums. Five of the […]

MO Republicans: Education Department too involved in standards work groups

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Some Republicans and participants in the work groups tasked with creating new state education standards say Department of Education staff is trying to be too involved in that effort. The legislature passed, and Governor Jay Nixon (D) signed, a bill that put Common Core standards in place for a year. During that year these groups, […]

The Monopoly of the Government Education Cartel

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Learning is a noble pursuit, but the ancient Greek text is one of the few places where the Socratic Method survives. Sanctioned political doctrine of required thinking is the mainstay in today’s august temples of purification. Forget about a classroom, the curriculum core of New Age studies has no room for the classics, much less […]

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