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Shameful VA Denies Pearl Harbor Survivor a Hearing Aid 

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The days of the Veterans Administration’s chronic shortfalls and criminal treatment of the nation’s warriors may be coming to a close, thanks to a recent piece of legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump. But until the law kicks in and real reforms begin to take shape, many VA hospitals will […]

The BIG LIE Upon Which All Government is Founded

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(Natural News) Every government in the world today is founded on a “big lie” that you’re about to see explained below. This is true regardless of party affiliation, nationality or era in which the government operates. All governments — past, present and future — are founded on this “big lie,” without exception. What is this […]

Families in NYC are Being Reported to Child Protective Services Simply for Homeschooling Their Own Children

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A major homeschooling organization has launched an investigation into how the New York public school system is treating parents who legally withdraw their children from the classroom in order to educate them at home. Reports indicate that some New York parents are becoming targets of Child Protective Services (CPS) because their children’s former schools are […]

Christians in China Being Targeted and Killed for Organ Harvesting


In 2006, two Canadian nationals began a journey that would reveal information so dark, it is deeply troubling to ponder, let alone believe. But in a world controlled by money, man is capable of doing anything to get it, including the harvesting of organs from living persons. The victim dies during this heinous and tortuous procedure. The body is then cremated. No evidence remains of the burnt human sacrifice yielding hearts, livers, kidneys, […]

Christian Patriots Weekly News Show with Daniel Crane and Rachel Haggerty: Join us Live at 9PM EST/6PM PST

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Today we wish Daniel and Ashley Crane a very Happy Anniversary. Marriage is a blessing from the Lord and in light of this day we’d like to give Daniel the evening with his beautiful bride.  We will be taking a look at a Reconstructionist perspective on the debacle at Stamding Rock. What does God’s law […]

RFK Jr. Launches World Mercury Project To Expose Neurotoxic Mercury In Foods and Medicines

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced today the launch of the World Mercury Project (WMP), a public health advocacy organization dedicated to ending exposure to neurotoxic mercury in fish, medical products, dental amalgams and vaccines. The group will focus on making sound science the driver of public policy. “We will expose […]

Deputies Do Nothing as Young Mother Dies in Jail Begging for Help — Serving 30-Days for Late Payments

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​ Macomb County, MI — A local news company’s investigation into a young mother’s tragic in-custody death has uncovered disturbing details and exposes, at best, criminal negligence, and, at worst, deliberate torture. When she was thrown in jail, 37-year-old Jennifer Meyers hadn’t physically hurt anyone. Meyers had fallen behind on her child support payments and instead of […]

Did America Really Pass The Test? – Hillary Clinton Is Going To Win The Popular Vote By A Wide Margin


The 2016 election was a test, and it would be easy to assume that since Donald Trump won the election that America passed the test. Unfortunately, it may not be that simple. A closer look at the numbers reveals a very sobering reality. Yes, Donald Trump won far more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton did, […]

Warnings Of Mayhem And Anarchy – Something Huge Is Coming And No Matter Who Wins It Is Going To Be Ugly


With the presidential election just two days away, we are seeing chaos and mayhem already, not only hitting the streets of America, but throughout college campuses  and schools around the nation…. along with something else we are noting that is sweeping through the nation like a contagious disease, infecting people on both sides of the […]

Everybody Is Telling Me That Trump Is Going To Win – So Why Do I Have Such An Ominous Feeling?


I hope that I am wrong.  On Tuesday night we will find out who our next president will be, and I have a very ominous feeling about what is going to happen.  But all around me there are people telling me that Trump is going to win.  They tell me to disregard the polls because […]

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