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Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

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So…some people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. They’re lining up for it. They’re having parties to get it done. It if isn’t available to them, they’re totally bummed out. I’m not even going to venture into the religious aspect of having a microchip inserted into a human being. Let’s just talk about the secular ramifications. […]

Has the American Dream Become the American Nightmare?


“Most Germans, so far as I could see, did not seem to mind that their personal freedom had been taken away, that so much of their splendid culture was being destroyed and replaced with a mindless barbarism, or that their life and work were being regimented to a degree never before experienced even by a […]

Julian Assange ‘Google is Not What it Seems’ They ‘Do Things the CIA Cannot’


Julian Assange cautioned all of us a while back, in the vein of revelations similar to those provided by Edward Snowden, that Google — the insidious search engine with a reputation for powering humanity’s research — plays the dark hand role in furthering U.S. imperialism and foreign policy agendas. Now, as the Wikileaks founder faces days […]

Ron Paul: The Two-Party System is 'Horrible'

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While Ron Paul has run for president twice, as well as served in the United States House of Representatives, as a Republican, he is far from a lockstep follower of that party or even a devotee of the “two-party system.” Indeed, Paul is quoted in a Sunday Victoria Advocate article as calling the two-party system […]


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Even when we lie, we tell the truth, and even when the enemy media tells the truth, they lie. They lied to us about The Gulf of Tonkin incident and the pretexts to the Vietnam War and millions died. They lied to us about the casus belli of The Iraq War and millions died. The […]

Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: “This Is Not Battle Training, This Is Riot Control”

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Will martial law be declared on American soil? Will economic collapse and urban riots result in the final and total loss of civil liberties right here at home? It could happen, and it is one of the “eventualities” that the military is preparing for, though they are constitutionally barred from being used domestically against the American people. […]

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