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Detroit Farmer’s Market Boycotts Local Apple Orchard Owner for Believing in Christianity

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This week, a federal judge in Michigan heard arguments in the case of a Catholic apple farmer who is challenging a city ordinance in East Lansing, and a ruling is expected soon. The farmer, Steve Tennes, is the owner of Country Mill Farms, which is located in the nearby town of Charlotte. Tennes and his […]

The Making of a Modern Pharisee


We are all born legalists, but we are made into Pharisees. Spurgeon once preached, “Beloved, the legalist [in us] is a great deal older than the Christian. If I were a legalist today, I should be some fifteen or sixteen years older than I am as a Christian; for we are all born legalists.” We are […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday  

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Today we will be covering a mish mash of topics, because who doesn’t like some mash? And to be sure, I will forget to cover something. We will discuss what is going on in Texas with HB 948. My intention was to update everyone last week, since then, there was a hearing by the State […]

Jesus Did Not Die for ‘Comfortable’


The world and the ruler of this world want you to believe this lie. Convenience — the worldly pursuit of ease — has become the Enemy’s battle cry (or, better yet, whisper) in the war for our modern souls. Satan’s strategy has morphed from direct opposition to subtle enticement. In most American churches, the battle […]

The Rise Of Satanism

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Interest in Satan and Satanism has experienced a tremendous resurgence in recent years. At one time, Satanists were generally feared and shunned by society, but now Satanism is steadily being accepted into mainstream culture. Up until recently, the Church of Satan that was founded by Anton LaVey in 1966 was the most prominent Satanic organization […]

Worshiping with a Broken Heart


I looked across the table at my boyfriend and replayed his words in my mind. “I just don’t enjoy spending time with you.” I never knew a heart could break so suddenly, so rudely — in only one sentence. I was desperately grasping for anything to help soften the sharpness of those eight words. I […]

God Has Planned Your Glory

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God has told us amazing things about our future, because he wants us to be amazed. He has told us hopeful things, because he wants us to feel hope — really feelhope. Hope without a heartfelt gladness about what is coming, is not hope. This is why God tells us such gladness-producing things. He wants […]

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