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Pray Them Home: Prayers for Prodigal Children

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I once was that prodigal child — lost, angry, and struggling to find my identity. Hardened on the outside, but deeply hurting within. The pain of my choices was not only destroying me, but creating heartache within our family and severing my relationships with the people who loved me most. By God’s grace, my parents did […]

The Greatest Act of Spiritual Warfare

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Love flourishes and grows in relational soil rich with trust. As long as sufficient trust is present in a relationship, love is likely to be healthy and resilient. But if trust erodes, love withers. Too much erosion and it dies.

God Has Planned Your Glory

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God has told us amazing things about our future, because he wants us to be amazed. He has told us hopeful things, because he wants us to feel hope — really feelhope. Hope without a heartfelt gladness about what is coming, is not hope. This is why God tells us such gladness-producing things. He wants […]

The Savior’s Tears Shed for Yours

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Once during morning devotions, I asked my children, “What are some verses in the Bible that give you hope?” One of them squirmed, “I don’t know . . . ” Then a silly grin spread across his face. “Wait,” he said. “Jesus wept.” “You are right,” I said. He was surprised. The shortest verse in […]

Got Jesus? Pope Francis Preaches Gospel Of Climate Change And Illegal Immigration

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ESPECIALLY GLARING WAS THAT POPE FRANCIS HAD NOT ONE WORD FOR THE 4 HOSTAGES SUFFERING IN AN IRANIAN PRISON RIGHT NOW. “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon […]

Loving the Neighbor We Didn’t Choose

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“Who is my neighbor?” a lawyer asked Jesus (Luke 10:29). The lawyer had made the mistake of trying to catch the law’s author contradicting the law by asking how he should inherit eternal life. The author turned the tables by asking the lawyer what he thought the law said. The lawyer then summarized the law […]

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