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Awake, O Sleeper Radio: The Abolitionist Movement. Join Rachel Live at 2PM PST/5PM EST

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It’s time again to go back to basics! Today we define ideology, relating to Abolitionism, and the tenets that unify abolitionists under the Abolish Human Abortion (also known as ‘the’ AHA) symbol. If anyone is new to aboltionism (even if you are not), who desires to understand the movement vs the AHA symbol and the […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday  

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Today we will be covering a mish mash of topics, because who doesn’t like some mash? And to be sure, I will forget to cover something. We will discuss what is going on in Texas with HB 948. My intention was to update everyone last week, since then, there was a hearing by the State […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Live From Project Nineveh LA 2017. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday


We are live today from Los Angeles. Abolitionist Arnold Davtyan will join us to discuss Project Nineveh LA 2017. Abolitionists gathered here this week to exhort elders and pastors at the Shepherd’s Conference, to bring the gospel to the culture in LA and surrounding areas.  To listen to the show, please click on the following […]

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