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Awake, O Sleeper Radio: What’s Our Duty as Christians when it comes to Abortion? Join Rachel Live at 4PM PST/7PM EST

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What does God’s word say about our duty as Christians to stand up for the preborn? What does ‘fighting’ abortion have to with the gospel? “These abolitionists think everyone needs to be in front of an abortion mill 24/7”. As abolitionists is that what we are expecting from others in order to be a good […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Women in Abolition Part 1. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday

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Join us today for the first of a series on Women in Abolition. I’ll be interviewing abolitionist, journalist and dear friend Kate Robinson. Call in to join the conversation or ask Kate questions.  To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the archive later. You can also listen by phone. […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Update on Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday 

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Join us today for an update on the situation in Downtown PA. Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines have recieved a ton of attention, both supportive and negative. They’ve been contending with cyber bullying, threats of violence and extreme vulgarity all over social media. All this the fallout from the afternoon in front of STEM academy. […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Conner Haines Discusses Confrontation with Assistant Principal Zach Ruff While Exposing Abortion. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday 

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We look forward to having Conner Haines join us today, not only because of the recent todo where the Assistant Principal, who handled himslef with less grace then a toddler, lost it when Conner and his sister Lauren who exposed the evil of abortion at STEM Academy in Downingtown, PA. Here’s a link with video […]

LoveJoy Presents: The Snow Is Red 

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After cutting his teeth as a songwriter writing hymns and anthems to give voice to the Abolitionist movement, LoveJoy has found a musical identity in perspectives. By looking from many directions, he sees one thing more clearly for what it is and shares that vision with his listener. The Snow is Red is the first album-length […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: IVF: Our Frozen Holocaust Pt 1 of 3. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST    

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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a sensitive subject, and one that some Christians may not be thinking about consistently as it relates to the Bible and those created in His image.  We are fortunate to have Josh Malone and his wife Casey join us today on the show. Following the release of “The Snow is […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio Radio: Abolish Abortion AK- The petition: Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST    


Join us as we learn more about and discuss, the petition to abolish abortion in Alaska. Nathan MacPherson will help us better understand the legal issues and possible hurdles behind this citizen petition. We’ll also be chatting with Rick Small, abolitionist, and one of the initiators behind the petition to abolish abortion in his home […]

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