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Two Nuclear Power Plants In Florida Are Directly In The Path Of Hurricane Irma

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They have not even started the process of shutting down… Hurricane Irma is more powerful than all of the other major Atlantic storms this year combined, and it has an eye as large as the entire Detroit metro area. It is being reported that “upwards of 90%” of Barbuda has already been destroyed by the storm, and […]

Real News Reporters Show Damage Dealt to Texas Coast

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Take a look at the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, as documented by real news reporters: This isn’t standing-on-the-sidelines “reporting” as perfected by CNN. Written by Owen Shroyer Infowars Please like our Facebook Page

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​I know many don’t find our posts enjoyable and many consider them doom and gloom but I and my crew at Christian Patriots choose to sound the alarm on things that are happening and coming down the road because we care about humanity. Follow us at ChristianPatriots.Org and or Facebook Page.  Daniel Crane Christian Patriots

The Drought That Was Prophesied To Hit The Southern United States Is Now Here

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A record-setting drought has gripped the southern United States, but most people have no idea that this drought is the fulfillment of a prophecy that was given four years ago.  Back in 2008, John Paul Jackson released a DVD entitled “The Perfect Storm” in which he detailed many of the prophetic events that God showed […]

California government elites use 500% more water than citizens


(NaturalNews) At at time when water conservation should be a high priority in drought-plagued California, it would appear that something else has been deemed a high priority: an elitist mind set whereby people self-appoint themselves as an exception to the rule. In the drying up state, this disturbing way of thinking is taking place at […]

California drought hits San Mateo County coast particularly hard

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Showers were one of the first things to go when the spring dried up at the Markegard ranch south of Half Moon Bay. Forced to rely on trucked-in water, the four children — ages 4, 6, 7 and 12 — now bathe once a week, often sharing the same tub of water. “The cleanest kid […]

Powerful Hurricane Gonzalo approaching Bermuda

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HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) — Hurricane Gonzalo roared toward Bermuda as a huge Category 4 storm on Friday and the head of the tiny British territory urged people to seek high ground due to seas that could rise 45 feet (14 meters). The storm was centered about 195 miles (310 kilometers) south-southwest of Bermuda Friday morning […]

Drought apocalypse begins in California as wells run dry

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(NaturalNews) Water wells in central California have begun to run dry, reports the LA Times. (1) “Extreme drought conditions have become so harsh for the Central Valley community of East Porterville [that] many of its residents dependent on their own wells have run out of water.” Tulare County has confirmed their wells have run out […]

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