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True Grit

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“The way is hard that leads to life.” (Matthew 7:14) “By your endurance you will gain your lives.” (Luke 21:19) We humans are always seeking to discover new keys to success. But nowadays we’re hearing more and more about something of a rediscovery. After much research, it turns out that across all ethnic, socio-economic, educational, […]

Marine mystery disease along Pacific Coast baffles scientists

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(NaturalNews) Sea stars up and down the Pacific Coast are dying off in record numbers, and scientists say they can’t figure out what’s going on. Reports indicate that in some areas of Washington State, for instance, upwards of 80 percent of the sea star population has vanished, while other areas are reporting strange phenomena like […]

Surveillance Video And The Picture They Didn’t Show You: Michael Brown Goes Gangsta’


This morning we learned that Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police force is the officer who shot an unarmed Michael Brown last week, triggering riots throughout the small town of 20,000 residents. We have yet to learn the specific details of the incident and what prompted Wilson to shoot Brown, but a slightly different picture of […]

Rick Perry indicted on two felonies


AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry was indicted on two felony counts for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant late Friday by a Travis County grand jury. The case stems from Perry’s vetoing the $7.5 million biennial funding for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit last year. He threatened to withhold the […]


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An altercation between siblings resulted in a massive SWAT response this week in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. According to reports, police were alerted to the area after an unidentified male suspect hit his sister with a boat paddle following a lengthy dispute. Upon arriving at the scene, police say the man refused to speak, causing […]

Police: Teen shot in Ferguson was suspect in robbery

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Authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, who experienced their first night without significant rioting since last weekend, revealed the black teen who was killed by a police officer was a suspect in a convenience store robbery shortly before the fatal confrontation. The name of the officer who fired the shots also was revealed. KMOX-TV in St. Louis […]

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