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Battle Ready Homestead: Going Off Grid? Here’s Some Tips. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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In a world that seems ruled by electronics and modern day living, lets look at what living off grid looks like. Why would someone want to live off grid? What are the worst mistakes that someone can do if they want to live off grid. And what are MUST Haves if your thinking about living […]

Battle Ready Homestead: Homesteading and Summertime. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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Tonight on Battle Ready Homestead we are going to be discussing some things about home steading and summer. I will tell you how to check to see if your farm fresh eggs are still good to eat, hot to beat the heat and we will talk about energy saving tips. And maybe a way to […]

Battle Ready Homestead: Forth of July and More. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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Forth of July weekend was just yesterday so I am going to be sharing with you what I did and how things went. Also just up dates and whats coming up next.  To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the archive later.  By Heather Gulley Christian Patriots Please […]

Battle Ready Homestead: It’s Summer, Open Phone Lines and Discussion. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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If you ever meet me in person you know sometimes I can be a chatty kathy. Well lets just talk today. Lets see what comes out. Topics from friends? Messages with questions? Or maybe just me ranting. I am not really sure what is going to come out today. I can talk about ideas rolling […]

Battle Ready Homestead: Birthdays in a Large Family. Live  Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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Tonights show is going to be based on birthdays and how I manage them in a large family of 9. As moms sometimes we take guilt when we cant be the over achevier when it comes to celebrating our kids. So I am going to tell you have to manage birthdays, I will have a […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Marriage 101. Live Every Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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The show tonight is going to be based on marriage and what it takes to have a succesful marrige and loving relationship. Let’s talk about fighting, making up, and just the normal daily routine of living with somone else. Here how Christians work though marriage and what they stay focused on in times of tough […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Raising Ladies and Gentlemen in a World of Selfies. Live Wednesday @ 7 PM EST

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​What does it look like to raise girls to be Ladies, and boys to be Gentlemen? Do manners matter? Why does it feel like raising kids to be respectful of others is a lost art? We are going to tackle some of the ways you should teach your kids proper manners and why it matters? […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Schools out for Summer. Live Wednesday at 7 PM EST

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On tonights Episode of Battle Ready Homestead we will be talking about how to transition your child from public school to summer vacation and hopefully homeschooling.  I have 2 children in my home that are now on summer vacation and will be home schooled this next year if our plans go smoothly. I am going […]

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: My new Obsession and Update. Live Wednesday at 7 PM EST

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Things have been pretty crazy sense the last time I did a show. I am going to be giving you an update to all that has been going on. Then we are going to hop on the topic of my new obsession, called TRAVELERS NOTEBOOKS. What are they,? What do you do with them? and […]

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