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Why Can’t We Focus More On All Of The Good News In The World?


Why does “the news” have to be 99 percent bad news?  It is certainly very true that our world is facing great challenges, and those challenges are only going to become more intense during the years ahead, but why can’t we celebrate the good things that are happening as well?  For decades, one of the […]

Gardasil, Considered the Most Dangerous Vaccine on the Market, may Soon be Pushed for Infants

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(NaturalNews) Gardasil has been the subject of controversy for many years now. In fact, it has even been regarded as one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market today. Perhaps what is most alarming about this treacherous vaccine, however, is the fact that its manufacturer, Merck & Co, now wants to begin marketing their product to […]

Woman Gives Birth to Her Grandson to Help Daughter Who Can't Conceive

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(NaturalNews) It may seem odd to some folks, but to 48-year-old mother Megan Barker and her daughter, Maddie, it’s a huge positive.You see, recently Megan gave birth to her grandson.Clutching baby Gus in a maternity ward in Chico, Calif., Megan admitted that she was exhausted after the labor, but she was also ecstatic, the UK’s Daily […]

Police State Genetic Discrimination Now A Reality As California Boy kicked Out Of School Because Of His DNA

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(NaturalNews) Most everyone knows not to head to work, a social event or school with a raging cold, complete with frequent bathroom trips and excessive nose-blowing. Doing so would certainly land you some nasty stares, and likely lead to the suggestion that you head home instead of spreading your germs to others. Now, what if […]

The Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding

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Contrary to what infant formula companies want you to believe, infant formula cannot replace breast milk when it comes to protecting your baby’s health and promoting healthy long-term development. In fact, breastfeeding offers a long list of life-long health benefits not just for the baby but for mother as well. Considering the fact that babies […]



Education Secretary Nicky Morgan of the UK has recently voiced concerns that children are not receiving the proper brand of brainwashing and indoctrination from the government. Morgan called for a review of homeschooling and suggested that thousands of children are being “radicalized” by their parents. “There has always been the freedom in this country for […]

Drugging toddlers becoming big business for Big Pharma with over a million kids under 5 on brain-damaging psych meds

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(NaturalNews) Toddlers as young as 18-months-old are being treated like experimental rats, drugged up with some of the most brain-damaging, life-altering psychotic pills. These are the kinds of pills that cause wild delusions, aggressive impulses, erratic behavior, or in some cases, cause violent and suicidal thoughts. Why do parents, doctors, psychologists and neurologists continue to disregard these appalling side […]

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