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​I know many don’t find our posts enjoyable and many consider them doom and gloom but I and my crew at Christian Patriots choose to sound the alarm on things that are happening and coming down the road because we care about humanity. Follow us at ChristianPatriots.Org and or Facebook Page.  Daniel Crane Christian Patriots

Preppers – This Is How Violent the World Was Without Civilization

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Some people seem to have a pretty rosy idea about what life was like for our ancestors, especially for those who lived before the advent of agriculture and the rise of civilization. Perhaps it’s because there are no written records from that time, so we don’t know precisely how these people lived. Or it could […]

The radical left’s desecration of U.S. history and culture now starting to resemble a Stalinist purge

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(NaturalNews) Radical American progressives have always fancied themselves “revolutionaries,” but a more apt description might be “authoritarians,” for if they had their way, your choice of expression, speech, belief system and especially political leanings would either match theirs or you would be deprived of them, and by force, if necessary. There is no better proof […]

The People vs. Barack Hussein Obama: Make This Go Viral


One cannot read these facts, verify them and come away with any other belief that Obama’s mission is to fundamentally destroy the United States of  America. Review the documentation for the conclusions drawn in this article. Investigate yourself and verify the facts and then share this article with everyone you know including your elected representatives. […]

"Give me liberty, or give me death"


Today’s date is one of the most significant dates in American history. Yet, it is a date that is lost to most modern Americans. Today, March 23 in 1775, Patrick Henry gave his immortal “Give me liberty, or give me death” speech to the Second Revolutionary Convention meeting at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. […]


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Exclusive: David Barton counters notion religious beliefs have nothing to do with terror The Obama administration began last week with the assertion that the root cause for ISIS’ barbaric behavior was “its lack of opportunity for jobs.” President Obama ended the week claiming that ISIS’ allure for young people is that they “feel entirely trapped in impoverished communities … […]



Bill Federer recounts ‘miraculous’ hand at turning point of Revolution British Colonel Banastre Tarleton was known as “the bloody butcher” for letting his dragoons bayonet and hack hundreds of surrendering American soldiers at Buford’s Massacre, May 29, 1780. In January of 1781, Colonel Banastre Tarleton led 1,200 of Britain’s best troops, consisting of British dragoons, […]

History Lesson: America Is the Same ‘Ol Oligarchy It Was over a Century Ago

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When Americans see charts like this one which illustrate that virtually all the food on grocery store shelves basically comes from no more than 10 megacompanies, or hearstatements like this one from our own Attorney General Eric Holder who told the Senate Judiciary Committee that some banks are just too big to prosecute, or check out studies like this one out […]



‘This was beyond just good military planning or good fighting’ C-47 transport planes carry supplies to the besieged American forces battling the Germans at Bastogne Seventy years ago this month, American heroes successfully held the small crossroads town of Bastogne, repelling Nazi Germany’s last chance at a settled peace and making total victory in Europe […]

How Did Christmas Become A Festival Of Greed?


For most people, Christmas is all about the presents. But how did such a supposedly sacred holiday become a festival of greed? Not many people know the history behind Christmas gift giving, and it will probably shock you. This year, Americans will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 billion dollars on Christmas, but most […]

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