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Mom Loses Lawsuit Against School That Secretly Gave Her Son ‘Transgender’ Treatment


A mother’s lawsuit against a Minnesota school system for secretly helping her 15-year-old son “transition” to “female” was dismissed by a federal judge. Anmarie Calgaro of Iron Junction discovered all too late last November that her son’s school was secretly giving him female hormone treatments with funding from the government. She sued the school district, […]

State Finally Releases Kidnapped Homeschool Children After Months in Captivity

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When Kiarre Harris decided to take her kids out of the public school system in Buffalo, New York, and homeschool them instead, she had no idea the decision would result in her losing her children. Harris followed the regulations for withdrawing her children from public school in December, but a week later, she got a […]

Twenty-Four States With Vaccine Bills That Restrict Medical Rights and Treat Humans Like Animals to Track Vaccination Status


​ We are edging closer towards the end of the first month of the 2017 legislative session, and we have been busy because your state legislators have been busy. Many new bills have been filed since our last national email update.  If you live in one of the following states, there are already vaccine bills […]

The New Leftist ‘Compassion:’ Cities Across America Criminalizing Anyone Feeding the Homeless

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Left-wing Democrats claim to have cornered the market on compassion, regularly accusing conservatives and Republicans of being mean-spirited, lacking in compassion and selfish. The reality is just the opposite, however: It is liberals who are devoid of true compassion. They only hand it out in metered doses and only to favored people. That much is apparent […]

Arrest Warrant Issued for Florida Mom Who Refuses to Get Son Circumcised


What’s the state’s interest in this boy’s foreskin? Can the state of Florida force a mother to have her 4-year-old son circumcised? It seems so. Last Friday, a Palm Beach County judge told Heather Hironimus to get the boy the circumcision or be jailed. Hironimus refused, hiding out with him in a domestic violence shelter. […]


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“To work just about anywhere, you have to pass a pre-employment drug screening. How it passes over a teacher, I don’t know” Parents of students at Groveport Madison Schools are posing a simple question about the district’s new random drug testing policy for students: If students are tested for drugs, then why not teachers? Written […]

The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children’s Brains

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Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. The parents are sovereign over the welfare of their children, not the nanny state. In the name of increasing the corporate bottom line, the government watchdog […]

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