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FDA Wants to Eliminate Side Effect Warnings From Drug Ads in Latest Collusion With Big Pharma

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We’ve all seen those drug commercials on TV with pleasant-looking grandparents frolicking in a grassy field with an adorable puppy, living life to the fullest while an announcer talks about how Big Pharma’s latest poison is going to make your life every bit as joyful. Then comes the obligatory rushed reading of a list of […]

FDA Quietly Bans Powerful Life-Saving Intravenous Vitamin C


It would be naive to think that the FDA endeavors to protect the public’s health as its primary focus. Indeed, that would be a conflict of interest, as it serves its master, the pharmaceutical industry. Has the Food and Drug Administration engineered a shortage of intravenous vitamin C as part of an overall attack on natural and non-toxic […]

Pharma Giant’s Vaccines Had Glass In Them, But They Refuse Recall

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(Editor’s note: Companies owned by multi-billion pharma giant Sanofi, have paid huge criminal fines in the past (feel free to look it up in the mainstream media) so the fact that professors and medical doctors think this is horrific, too does not surprise us!) Sanofi Pasteur, one the world’s leading vaccine makers (No. 2 among vaccine […]

GcMAF (Gc Macrophage Activating Factor)


[above image caption/credit: GcMAF (courtesy Google Images)] A fascinating story is developing concerning a protein called “GcMAF”.  This protein is naturally produced in your body and is claimed to be critical to maintaining your natural immunities against hundreds, perhaps thousands, of diseases (including cancer, inflammation and even autism). Although GcMAF has been studied and even prescribed by […]

The FDA Is the New “Murder Inc.”


Researchers writing in the New England Journal of Medicine voiced their concerns as well with such drugs as Pfizer’s popular Celebrex. Yet, the FDA approved the drug as it killed tens of thousands of innocent Americans. , & Co.’s arthritis drug Vioxx may have led to tens of thousands of deaths of innocent American citizens. […]

Who’s Killing Off Our Naturopathic Doctors? I’ll Let You Guess


Naturopathic doctors are dropping like flies. Death is part of life. It happens everyday, everywhere, in every manner. Multiple deaths of people associated with the same line of work is generally not enough to raise alarm bells in my book. When you see cluster deaths in high level professions or those in a field of work that […]

2014: The Year the American Justice System Officially Died

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In 2014, the problem of police brutality forced itself to the forefront of the national conversation following the brutal killing of Americans at the hands of the police. This increased attention has been a success for activists from all walks of life and for the well-being of citizens. The problem of racism and police murders that […]

Gov’t Admits Rotavirus Vaccine Causes Intussusception, Adds It to Injury Compensation Program


Because the Obama administration quietly announced their plans for 3,400-plus new regulations last week just after Ferguson erupted and just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, a lot of what’s actually going on in that rather long list was already lost and forgotten pretty much the moment it was released. One regulation worth mentioning has […]

America’s Dismal Report Card


America has gone back to sleep. The 2014 midterm elections are history and good guys, the Republicans, have kicked out the bad guys, the Democrats. We only have two more years to endure Obama.  If it was only that simple. This article is going to briefly examine a cross-section of indicators which are representative of […]

CDC whistleblower: also a player in the vaccine-mercury-autism fraud

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Anyone who’s awake knows by now that William Thompson, CDC scientist and whistleblower, has admitted egregious fraud. He and his colleagues, in a famous 2004 study, gave the MMR vaccine a free pass and pretended it had no connection to autism—when it did. Here is another study on which Thompson was a co-author: “Thimerosal [mercury] […]

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