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Notorious Late-Term Abortionist Opens ‘Advanced Gestation’ Abortion Facility in Maryland


A notorious late-term abortionist plans to open an “advanced gestation” abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday—an announcement that has been met with opposition from pro-life groups nationwide. Leroy Carhart will perform abortions in a suite of the Wildwood Medical Center on Georgetown Road, notes the website “Offering advanced gestation abortion care starting Tuesday, […]

Alabama Attorney General Candidate: Those Who Murder Unborn Should Be ‘Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of Law’

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A candidate for the attorney general of Alabama outlined in a recent online video that he believes that those who murder unborn children should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Sam McLure, the founder of The Adoption Law Firm, which seeks to place orphaned children in loving homes, made the declaration outside of Reproductive Health […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: ProLife Legislation Privatizes Abortion In Texas. Join Rachel Live at 4PM PST/7PM EST. 

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Join us today as we discuss newly passed legislation in Texas that privatizes abortion. Once again the pro life movement reassures our culture you can still kill your children but ‘not with our money!’. Also, why we should call abortion murder and treat it as such. Plus we will be talking about CPC’s (yes, again) […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Why Use Graphic Images Exposing Abortion? Join Rachel Live at 4PM PST/7PM EST

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We will merely scratch the surface today as we discuss the arguement against the use of graphic images. Mostly how it may (if at all) impact (born) children. To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the archive later. You can also listen by phone. The Call-in Line to […]

To a Woman Considering Abortion

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“Why do you want to do this?” I asked, with urgency and a heavy heart. “Because I don’t wanna get fat or have to tell my parents,” she responded. Her voice was calm and full of indifference, as if my question made reference to the weather rather than the abortion she was about to undergo. […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Women in Abolition Part 4. Join Rachel Live at 4PM PST/7PM EST Every Friday

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We still have more women in abolition we desire to know! Today joining us live from Pennsylvania, Liz Sachs.  She has graciously agreed to come on the show and chat with us while she is in attendance at the Future of Christendom Conference. Liz is a wife, mom, abolitionist who homeschools her children and takes care […]

Relentlessly Call Abortion What It Really Is

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Abortion is rarely talked about. I’m not talking about the word “abortion.” We hear this word a lot in the public square. But we rarely hear about it. Abortion almost always refers to something else. We hear that abortion is fundamentally about a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Or abortion is a litmus test for judicial […]

There Are Population Control Centers All Over America – They Are Called ‘Planned Parenthood Clinics’

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The phrase “family planning” is just a more palatable way of saying “population control”. In the United States today, Planned Parenthood operates 650 “health centers” that work tirelessly to promote abortion and other “family planning measures”. Planned Parenthood says that approximately 2.5 million people visit their “health centers” each year, and somewhere around 60 million […]

Oklahoma House Passes Resolution to Stop Murder of Unborn Children

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed a resolution “directing every public official in Oklahoma to exercise their authority to stop [the] murder of unborn children by abortion.” House Resolution 1004 was approved by a voice vote on Monday without any debate or discussion. Resolutions differ from legislation in that they hold no force of law, […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Update on Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday 

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Join us today for an update on the situation in Downtown PA. Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines have recieved a ton of attention, both supportive and negative. They’ve been contending with cyber bullying, threats of violence and extreme vulgarity all over social media. All this the fallout from the afternoon in front of STEM academy. […]

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