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S. Carolina student arrested after writing about shooting a dinosaur


The mother of a South Carolina high school student was left irate when her 16-year-old son was suspended and then arrested after writing that he intended to buy a gun and kill a dinosaur as part of a homework assignment. Alex Stone, a student at the South Carolina school, said he wrote a joke that […]

High School Student Claims That What She Told Classmate Who Sneezed Was Enough To Get Her Suspended


A high school student in Tennessee claims her constitutional rights were violated because she was disciplined when she allegedly told a classmate “bless you” after they sneezed. According to CBS Charlotte, when Kendra’s parent’s were told about her suspension, school administrators said it was because she yelled “bless you” across the room and that created a distraction in […]

Homeschooling – The Fight For Your Children’s Future


The U.S. educational system is in jeopardy. A new e-book titled “Homeschooling: Fighting for My Children’s Future,” authored by PJ’s in-house writers, will help you assess the threats. As a parent, you have multiple options for fighting on behalf of your children. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource, and determine whether homeschooling is […]

Parents lose children due to fake medical diagnosis


A Virginia homeschool family has filed suit after a social worker allegedly concocted a false medical diagnosis that government bureaucrats used to take away their children. The Home School Legal Defense Association is defending Lane Funkhauser and Susan Parker, and their children, whose names were redacted in the copy of the lawsuit released to WND. Named as […]

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