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Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

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(Natural News) Thanks to the incessant Left-wing counter-culture social engineering and increasing levels of violence and bullying, more American parents are pulling their kids out of failing government schools and teaching them at home. As reported by The Washington Times, the recent school shooting at Parkland, Fla., was the last straw for scores of parents. […]

State Finally Releases Kidnapped Homeschool Children After Months in Captivity

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When Kiarre Harris decided to take her kids out of the public school system in Buffalo, New York, and homeschool them instead, she had no idea the decision would result in her losing her children. Harris followed the regulations for withdrawing her children from public school in December, but a week later, she got a […]

Families in NYC are Being Reported to Child Protective Services Simply for Homeschooling Their Own Children

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A major homeschooling organization has launched an investigation into how the New York public school system is treating parents who legally withdraw their children from the classroom in order to educate them at home. Reports indicate that some New York parents are becoming targets of Child Protective Services (CPS) because their children’s former schools are […]

Homeschool Dad Sues Federal Government for Kidnapping his 7 Children

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If ever there was a more pertinent threat to individual liberty and the God-given freedom of parents to care for their children how they best see fit, it is the entity known as “Child Protective Services” (CPS), which all across the country has ripped apart the lives of thousands of families. But an Arkansas family […]

Authoritarian Governments and "Education"

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Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. Government should be separated from education in the same way that it has been separated from religious institutions. I discuss the tremendous challenges that we face on Radio Sputnik: Centralized education that is dominated by government is very detrimental to freedom of thought. […]

Kansas City Public School Sent ‘Threatening’ Letter To Homeschool Family

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When a Kansas City family pulled their son out of a public elementary school to homeschool him, the local school referred them to the district attorney’s office for truancy. A homeschool advocacy organization intervened, and the school was forced to back down and apologize. In Kansas, as in several other states, families must register their […]

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