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Assistant Principle Caught on Video Telling Teens to “Go to Hell” with Aborted Babies

Abolitionist Conner Haines and his sister Lauren went to the Downingtown STEM Academy in Pennsylvania to talk to students about the abortion.  After a few minutes of setting up on the public...

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Love and Marriage. Live Saturday at 7 PM EST

Join me today as I talk about Marriage and what it looks like to have God at the center of your home.  ​To listen to the show visit

Battle Ready Homestead Radio: Raising Pigs – From the Field to the Freezer. Live Saturday at 7 PM EST

Join Mike Gulley as he discusses how to raise and harvest pigs.  To listen to the show visit or click the following link to listen to the archive later....

Alert: Sneaky GMO Labeling to Hit Shelves by Summer, 2018

(Natural News) The GMO labeling bill that Congress passed in 2016 – and which goes into effect in the summer of 2018 – was nicknamed the Denying Americans the Right...

The BIG LIE Upon Which All Government is Founded

(Natural News) Every government in the world today is founded on a “big lie” that you’re about to see explained below. This is true regardless of party affiliation, nationality...

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