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Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Update on Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday 

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Join us today for an update on the situation in Downtown PA. Abolitionists, Conner and Lauren Haines have recieved a ton of attention, both supportive and negative. They’ve been contending with cyber bullying, threats of violence and extreme vulgarity all over social media. All this the fallout from the afternoon in front of STEM academy. […]

State Finally Releases Kidnapped Homeschool Children After Months in Captivity

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When Kiarre Harris decided to take her kids out of the public school system in Buffalo, New York, and homeschool them instead, she had no idea the decision would result in her losing her children. Harris followed the regulations for withdrawing her children from public school in December, but a week later, she got a […]

It Is Becoming Illegal To Be Homeless In America As Houston, Dallas And Dozens Of Other Cities Pass Draconian Laws

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Should we make homelessness against the law and simply throw all homeless people into prison so that we don’t have to deal with them?  Incredibly, this is actually starting to happen in dozens of major cities all across the United States.  It may be difficult to believe, but in many large urban areas today, if […]

Pray Big Things for Your Little Ones

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How do we pray for our children when our words seem to run dry? How do we faithfully lift them before the Lord with confidence that our prayers match hisdesires for them? When we’re not sure of how to pray, God’s word enables us to stand with him and lift our children before his throne with […]

Code Words in Latest Executive Order Indicate Trump may be Getting Sucked into the GMO / Pesticide Swamp

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In the realm of swampy corruption and murky politics, it doesn’t get any murkier or “swampier” than the GMO / pesticide industry, which profits from the mass poisoning of the environment and the food supply with toxic, disease-promoting chemicals. While this “poison industry” enjoyed enormous government protection under both Bush and Obama administrations, clean food […]

Shameful VA Denies Pearl Harbor Survivor a Hearing Aid 

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The days of the Veterans Administration’s chronic shortfalls and criminal treatment of the nation’s warriors may be coming to a close, thanks to a recent piece of legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump. But until the law kicks in and real reforms begin to take shape, many VA hospitals will […]

Is God Going To ‘Bless’ A Government That Gives $500 Million A Year To Fund Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Holocaust?


More video has just been released which proves that Planned Parenthood has been selling off aborted baby parts to the highest bidder.  The crimes against humanity that Planned Parenthood is committing are off the charts, and yet nobody ever goes to jail, and the federal government keeps on giving them about half a billion dollars […]

‘The Church Doesn’t Need Any More Coffee Bars’

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Have we lost sight of who we are supposed to be? In December 2014, Kimberli Lira’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. Melchor fought against the cancer as hard as he could for more than two years, but on February 14th, 2017 he passed away. Now Kimberli is struggling to adjust to her new life as […]

20 Amazing Facts About What Happens Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day In Our Rapidly Changing World

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Our world is changing at a blinding pace that is accelerating with each passing day.  Thanks to the Internet, information travels at a speed that would have been unimaginable at other times in human history, and our technological capabilities are advancing at a rate that is exponentially increasing.  What all of this means is that […]

Awake, O Sleeper Radio: Conner Haines Discusses Confrontation with Assistant Principal Zach Ruff While Exposing Abortion. Join Rachel Live at 1PM PST/4PM EST Every Sunday 

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We look forward to having Conner Haines join us today, not only because of the recent todo where the Assistant Principal, who handled himslef with less grace then a toddler, lost it when Conner and his sister Lauren who exposed the evil of abortion at STEM Academy in Downingtown, PA. Here’s a link with video […]

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