2 students injured in shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School

Police and ambulances respond to a reported shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School.

Police and ambulances respond to a reported shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School.

MARYSVILLE, Wash. – At least two students were injured Friday morning when a shooter opened fire at Marysville Pilchuck High School, police and witnesses said.

Squadrons of police cars swarmed to the school after receiving reports of an active shooter opening fire.

At least two students were shot, and they are being airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. There was no immediate word on their conditions.

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Shooting reported at Washington state high school


A shooting has been repoerted at Marysville Pilchuck High School, Washington, according to local reports. Police cars are swarming the area.

School officials have told local channel Kiro 7 that the school is on lockdown after shots were reported at approximately 10:45 am.


One teacher texted the channel: “We are locked down. first the alarm went off any everyone thought it was a fire drill. then chaos”.

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World’s First Robot Pilot Ready to Replace Humans



As if the use of drones and A.I. autonomous systems aren’t controversial enough, now researchers in South Korea claim to have developed a humanoid robot called Pibot that can fly any type of aircraft. As you’ll see in the video below, one beneficial real-world example for the use of robot pilots would be in dangerous areas like Fukushima where radiation would threaten human health.

This is a familiar sales pitch for all types of robotics, but the mission tends to quickly creep into other areas that aren’t so noble. For instance, it has been shown that drone pilots can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder even though they are technically far removed from the actual battlefield. It’s not much of a stretch to see these fragile humans who are prone to compassion get replaced by Pibot … you know, for their health.


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Chicago schools become overcrowded disease factories feeding children rotten food as district runs out of money


(NaturalNews) A new deal between the Chicago Public School (CPS) system and a private custodial and cafeteria service was promised to save the district tens of millions but instead resulted in some students having to clean their own school before the school year began and being served rotten food for lunch.

In February, CPS, the third largest school district in the nation, signed contracts worth $340 million to privatize their custodial services, an agreement that would take over the training, supervision and management of custodians for 66 Chicago schools, Catalyst Chicago reports.

The concept behind signing the new contracts was that teachers would have more time to teach rather than clean, the schools would save money, and each facility would have a high standard of cleanliness. However, school officials say none of these promises materialized, and in fact CPS conditions worsened, putting children at-risk.

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Norway Joins the Race to Develop Killer Robots

Norway is a large exporter of weapons, which makes the resolution of the debate about creating killer robots an important issue for everyone.

One could debate the overall merits or failings of robotic systems, but an area that clearly has become a point for concern on all sides is the emergence of “killer robots.” According to robotics pioneer, David Hanson, we are on a collision course with exponential growth in computing and technology that might only give us a “few years” to counter this scenario.

Even mainstream tech luminaries like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have proclaimed the magnitude of the threat following a reading of Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence. Musk flatly stated that robots infused with advanced artificial intelligence are “potentially more dangerous than nukes.”

Robot-controlled missiles are being developed in Norway, and could easily be a path toward that ultimate danger.

Universities such as Cambridge have said that “terminators” are one of the greatest threats to mankind according to their study program Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. Human rights groups and concerned citizens have echoed this with a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. This campaign has even garnered support from one Canadian robot manufacturer who penned an open letter to his colleagues urging them not to delve into the dark side of robotics. Meanwhile, in the background, the United Nations and the U.S. military have been forced into the debate, but are currently stutter-stepping their way through the process.

As the clock ticks, there is a global drone and artificial intelligence arms race as nations seek to catch up to others who have taken the lead. Perhaps one sign of how fast and far this proliferation extends, seemingly peaceful and neutral Norway is making the news as a debate rages there about plans to have artificial intelligence take over missile systems on its fighter jets. In reality, Norway is actually a large exporter of weapons, which makes the resolution of this debate an important issue for everyone.

There is a general move to augment traditional weapons systems with artificial intelligence. A recent post from the U.S. Naval Institute News stated that “A.I is going to be huge” by 2030.  A.I. is foreseen “as a decision aid to the pilot in a way similar in concept to how advanced sensor fusion onboard jets like the F-22 and Lockheed Martin F-35 work now.”

This is the first step toward removing human decision making. According to Norwegian press, their government states this explicitly:

The partially autonomously controlled missiles, or so-called “killer robots”, will be used for airborne strikes for its new fighter jets and have the ability to identify targets and make decisions to kill without human interference. (emphasis added)

Interference?! What, like compassion and having a conscience? Make no mistake, at the highest levels that is exactly what it means. This was highlighted in a recent report that certainly has military elite across the planet concerned. It seems that the distance they have attempted to create by putting humans in cubicles thousands of miles from the actual battlefield still has not alleviated the emotional impact of killing. Apparently it’s not a video game after all.

Although drone operators may be far from the battlefield, they can still develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a new study shows.

About 1,000 United States Air Force drone operators took part in the study, and researchers found that 4.3 percent of them experienced moderate to severe PTSD.

That percentage might seem low, but the consequences can be incredible. Listen to what one former drone operator has to say about his role in 1,600 killings from afar.

The military system sees this reaction as a defect.

“I would say that, even though the percentage is small, it is still a very important number, and something that we would want to take seriously so that we make sure that the folks that are performing their job are effectively screened for this condition and get the help that they [may] need,” said study author Wayne Chappelle, a clinical psychologist who consults for the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Consequently, the U.S. military has been pursuing “moral robots” that can supposedly discern right from wrong, probably to alleviate the growing pushback by those wondering what happens – legally and ethically – to a society that transfers responsibility from humans to machines. Some research is indicating that robotics/A.I. is not yet up to even the most basic ethical tasks, yet its role in weapons systems continues.

The situation in Norway is very similar to that in the U.S. – peace activists are alarmed, the military-industrial complex wants to push ahead, and local government and U.N. oversight dithers:

The Norwegian Peace League, for one, believe the technology may violate international law, wanting a parliamentary debate about the move.

Alexander Harang of the Norwegian Peace League (Norges Fredslag) demands discussion. He is also a member for the international “Campaign to stop killer robots”.


Harang believes that a discussion is highly relevant before final development of Joint Strike Missiles (JSM) made by Norway’s Kongsberg Gruppen. These missiles will be part of the weaponry of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ new fighter jet plane, the Joint Strike Fighter.


Harang said he contacted all the political parties this spring in order to get a debate in Parliament on the potential consequences based on international law in developing more autonomously controlled weapons. This was after the government decided Kongsberg Gruppen would get 2.2 billion kroner ($330 million) more in order to develop the missile.

Such a debate never took place.

Christof Heyns, a UN special investigator, is also concerned about such weapons of the future.

Heyns said: “We have seen during the last decade that the distance between the soldier and the target increase. But what we see now is that the weapon becomes the warrior.”


Ronny Lie (you just can’t make up the accuracy of the name – Ed.), communications director at Kongsberg Gruppen, wrote in an email to NTB: “Remotely controlled solutions for demanding civilian and military tasks have become increasingly more important during the last years. The Norwegian high-tech industry needs to join this development.”

Lie stated his company follows the rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities and that it is not in their mandate to consider any challenges related to international law.

Minister of Defence for Norway, Ine Eriksen Søreide, believes it will serve no purpose to introduce a temporary ban on developing deadly robots.

MP Kåre Simensen challenged Søreide as to what Norway should do when new weapon technology challenges international law.

Søreide replied: “No technology has currently been developed that would fall in under such a situation.”

Søreide agreed that a greater degree of military robotization would raise complex questions. However she rejected suggestion from Christof Heyns to introduce a temporary prohibition against the development of deadly robots until new rules had been established.

The Minister of Defence assured her critics Norway adheres to the rules in place from UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW).

So, what do we do when militaries across the world are not likely to constrain their own profits and power, and international oversight agencies continue to show that they are ineffectual and/or complicit?

Unlike many of the threats we are given each day to digest as the next possible extinction-level event (ISIS and Ebola come to mind) this one is much more likely to be the real deal.

What do you think


Toledo Residents Can Now Purchase Neighborhood SkyCop Cameras

Image; Toledo News Now

Image; Toledo News Now

Toledo, Ohio residents and businesses can now pay into a police fund to have their very own SkyCop surveillance cameras, Toledo News Now reports. Run and monitored by…who else?

It is not a tax, but a voluntary fund to have more than the nearly 200 sets of 360-vision eyes already unleashed in Toledo since October 2012. The units developed by SkyCop will cost between $3,000 and $10,000 initially, plus $100 per month in maintenance, paid for by the purchaser.

Sgt. Joe Heffernan says:

It will use our equipment. The camera will have a blue flashing light on it and it will feed to our Real Time Crime Center where our officers are monitoring them according to what’s going on.

Thanks to federal grants and to SkyCop, Toledo houses its own 24/7 real time crime center – aka, fusion center. SkyCop boasts many all-weather, 360 surveillance recording, data and intelligence gathering products and even area gunshot detection.

Some of the SkyCop product pictures look like this:

Let’s just say, a look at the SkyCop company website would be a highly educational experience.

Even though the Toledo police chief claims that this crime prevention technique has lessened crime, that isn’t going to stop more from rolling out. Although, he also claims that one of the benefits of their ubiquity is the “desensitizing” effect that encourages criminals to forget and drop their guard.

Some of the places the portable cameras were stationed at unnerved business owners. Comments from social media indicate that the cameras are received less positively than depicted in most of the news segments – imagine that! Commenters have offered less invasive and less expensive solutions such as community policing and better lit areas.

A business owner who didn’t appreciate a camera pointed at him:

Mayor D. Michael Collins had said

I am not going to scrap the project after putting in $2 million…that would be silly.

Toledo’s funding for the tech came from “City of Toledo’s capital improvement fund, Homeland Security grants and the police department’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund.” SkyCop encourages law enforcement to get funds from similar grants, but also private funding like Toledo has done.

Toledo seems to be the big testing ground for this Memphis-based company’s technology – do you know of any other cities using it?


Body Cameras are NOT Going to Stop Police Abuse and Corruption


body camera

The riots and protests that swept through Ferguson this summer left a huge impression on the minds of the average American. The masses got to see with their own eyes, police brutality and corruption on a massive scale. For the very first time, those events forced the mainstream media to recognize the widespread militarization of our local police.

After the dust settled, people wanted something to be done. They demanded something be done. What could we do to cut through the thin blue line, and rein in these heavily armed cowboy cops?

For most, the answer lies in equipping them with body cams. If the police are forced to record every action, we can catch them in act. Even better, the threat of being caught will keep them from abusing their power in the first place. So far there’s been a few police departments that have enacted this protocol with spectacular results.

When the city of Rialto California equipped their police officers with body cams, the use of force by police was reduced by 60 percent, and the number of complaints against the department dropped by 88 percent. “Problem solved!” you might be thinking. We can finally penetrate the thin blue line. We the public, can finally hold them accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, there’s a few hiccups in that plan. For starters, it isn’t going curb police corruption. Sure, we’ll catch a few hotheads here and there, but by and large, I don’t expect it to have any measurable effect. There’s one simple fact that the proponents of body cams are ignoring.

When a cop does something truly heinous, those body cams have a tendency to “malfunction”. Footage tends to “get lost” and sometimes officers “forget” to turn them on. Take the case of Mark Byrge who had a traffic accident in Utah, and a rather painful encounter with the local police.

Byrge . . . made a single request of his captors: Owing to several back surgeries and the implantation of a $50,000 Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS), Mark asked that the officers cuff him in front.

While explaining his condition, Mark very slowly and carefully lifted his shirt in order to display an iPod-sized rectangular lump in his lower right back.

Neither Mark’s cooperation nor his explanation made an impression on Gianfelice.

“Don’t tell me how to do my job – put your hands behind your back!” barked Gianfelice, instructing his trainee officer, Jennifer Nakai, to apply the cuffs. Before being shackled, Mark called his wife Tina to tell her he was being arrested.

Byrge says Gianfelice then pushed into the squad car and pushed him up against the seat, which Byrge says destroyed his medical device. According to medical scans of the device taken later, it stopped functioning while Byrge was in Gianfelice’s custody. The device had been implanted to treat chronic pain in Byrge’s leg. When it stopped functioning, Byrge’s leg began seizing. Gianfelice apparently took this as a sign of resisting, and so subjected Byrge to more abuse.

So what about the footage found on the body cameras that those cops were wearing? Nobody knows. Either there was a malfunction in all three cameras or they weren’t turned on. The dash cam footage from the squad cars is also missing. That’s not suspicious at all right?

Truth be told, even if there isn’t some kind of malfunction or the footage isn’t lost, the police still have a lot of control over access to these videos. They have to be. The nature of their job means that they’re going to be documenting people when they are at their most vulnerable. Those cameras are going to catch scenes that most private citizens would not want the public to see. That same power that is needed to protect the privacy of the average citizen is going to make footage of police transgressions, very hard to get a hold of.

Written by: JOSHUA KRAUSE – continue at THE DAILY SHEEPLE

The PSYOPS of the Coming EBOLA Genocide (Part 1)

“Psst, there is something called a New World Order and they don’t like us”.

“Psst, there is something called a New World Order and they don’t like us”.

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is our country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction , now sitting idly by while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper?

As I predicted, Ebola is beginning to make its way across the country. There are serious allegations of Ebola patients being “disappeared” in order to cover up how widespread the crisis has become. We have an administration which refuses, under any and all circumstances, to protect the American people as evidenced by the fact that we allow unscreened immigrants into the country and our airports are still open to travel from West Africa, the site of the Ebola outbreak.

It matters not if its Ebola that is going to rip through the country like a Tsunami coming ashore, or, whether it is the hastily prepared soon-to-be vaccines that are soon going to be thrust among us which will potentially devastate our collective  immune systems. To those who are still debating if the Ebola crisis is a false flag, you are wasting time and you are causing the public to take their eye off of the ball. Does it matter if the Ebola is an instrument of oppression or it will be the vaccine that serves this purpose? The full or partial spread of Ebola is a prerequisite condition for the roll out of mandatory vaccines. Both Ebola and the subsequent vaccines are like “love and marriage”, as Frank Sinatra once said, “You can’t have one without the other”!

The presence of Ebola in America is not going to end well for the American people. Whether the decimation of America comes from the virus itself or the resulting vaccine, does not matter and those perpetuating this debate are doing a disservice to the country. The fact remains that we will soon be faced with some very dire circumstances and we need to be focusing on how to wake up the public instead of engaging in this meaningless intramural debate!

The Process of “Waking Up”

The bankster degenerates, have mastered the art of an effective PSYOPS. They have perfected brainwashing practices as well as the stunting of human initiative. The globalist PSYOPS strategy is based upon the principle that it was much easier to control a population through psychological means than  by committing genocide. However, when the people begin to wake up, PSYOPS will eventually give way to extermination as a means of political control as evidenced by the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

waking up nwo summary of despots

When Did You Wake Up?

Do you remember the day that you woke up? Do you recall rejoicing in the fact that the seemingly unconnected events in the world now made perfect sense because you knew who was behind much of the evil on the planet? It is as if you had stolen the globalist playbook and everything suddenly made sense. We all remember our profound excitement to our new found fortune in which we realized that the world suddenly made a lot more sense and we could not wait to share our “new knowledge” with anyone who would listen to us. But suddenly, we found yourself marginalized by a society that was still being held captive by the same PSYOP forces that had previously kept us trapped in our former matrix of externally imposed ignorance and conditioned obedience.

The term “waking up” has come to denote the period of time in which a person stops believing the lies being perpetrated by the six corporations which controls the 98% of the mainstream media. The term “waking up” also has come to mean that day when a person realizes that the left-right paradigm, the Republican-Democrat pretense of political choice and even the major elections are a facade designed to give the illusion of choice.

On that day when you found yourself awakened, did you realize how very much alone you were as you watched the masses sleep-walking through life while serving false Gods and living lives of quiet desperation in a futile effort of trying to find some meaning in their lives?

 The Public Knows That Something Is Terribly Wrong and the MSM Is Not Providing Answers

waking up bush if the people only knewThe general public knows that something is terribly wrong with this country and it’s not being covered in the MSM and they are seeking answers. Returning veterans who have served in Afghanistan are returning home with stories of how American soldiers are providing protection for Afghan drug lords. Their neighbors and friends are wondering why these stories are not on the nightly news.The American people are beginning to view the police with more distrust because of the rampant instances of police abuse taking place in this country.

Many Americans know Obama is a foreign national who cares nothing about the plight of the middle class. Obama’s anti-American policies and unwarranted EBOLA swat teams  are in place as America joins the ranks of a police state.

A growing number of Americans have awakened to the fact that this is not the case and are looking for “alternative” means to get their news. Once an obscure term, most average Americans have now heard of FEMA camps. Most Americans are aware of Fast and Furious despite the minuscule attention paid to this Watergate type of event by the MSM. The sheer number of disenfranchised groups have alerted the rest of us that we are not getting the full truth in the MSM. Most Americans have had some exposure to the alternative media and as a result, we are seeing a lot of Americans in flux in terms of what they now believe about their government.

The MSM Is Now the Dinosaur Media

According to a recently released Pew Research study, the number of prime time viewers for CNN, Fox and MSNBC  fell by a combined fell by 11% last year. Eleven percent may not sound overwhelming, so allow me to rephrase this in another light. In 2013, over one in ten Americans have stopped watching the corporate controlled media propaganda which serves to anesthetize and  lobotomize it viewers, listeners and readers from the realities of what is really taking place in this country. Here is the breakdown of the decline of the corporate controlled media empire:

Fox News has lost 6% of its prime time audience and this is the good news for the MSM.

CNN is down by 13%

MSNBC is down by a whopping 24%

Newspaper ad revenues are down by a third and major magazines are selling 20% less ad space in today’s advertising wars.

Sorry George Noory, Coast to Coast AM ratings are also in the toilet. Since Noory fired the more popular John B. Wells, earlier this year, Noory’s audience has caught on to the fact that the show and host fit into the corporate controlled category and they do not represent any semblance of true investigative journalism as we formerly saw with Art Bell and presently see with John B. Wells.

A recent Gallup survey found that an amazing 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television and are turning to other sources for news and information. According to the Gallup Poll, only HMO’s, the banks and Congress have lower public trust ratings than the media. And would you care to guess who owns the banks, HMO’s and Congress? It is the same people who own the media. This fact tells me that an increasing number of Americans, whether they realize it or not, are rejecting the New World Order. It’s that most Americans don’t know how to label their arch enemies. We in the truthful media are teaching them and we are having an effect. These are the potential foot soldiers of tomorrow’s resistance.

The Ten Percent Factor

ten percent factorScientists from the prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have determined that if just 10% of any given population holds to an unshakable idea, that the idea will become adopted by the majority of the country. However, the scientists who belong to the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) found that if the ideas are shared by less than 10% of the population, the idea will not progress and will eventually die out. The research was first published in a peer reviewed E Journal in an article titled “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.”

Computational and analytical methods were used to discover the tipping point where an obscure idea eventually becomes the majority opinion. The finding has dramatic implications for those of us trying to wake up the sheep in this country.

The SNARC scientists found that the 10% figure was applicable whether they were talking about the spread of innovations or to advance a political ideal. There is evidence that nearly 10% of the sheep have been awakened and this is why the globalists are introducing us to our newest friend, Ebola.  The release of Ebola is an act of desperation by the globalists. To use an athletic analogy, the wakening masses are forcing the elite to keep their starters in the game a lot longer than they want to.

The Evidence Is In

The evidence about Ebola is in and it is official, we are being lied to.  From mid-September to earlier this week, I wrote over a dozen articles, with documentation from government sources and peer reviewed scientific journals which exposed the lies of the CDC on behalf of the Obama administration regarding the threat being posed by Ebola and the subsequent vaccines. In these articles  I exposed the following:

The new strain of Ebola is weaponized, otherwise the CDC could not own the patent on all Ebola and up to 70% of the variance of the virus. The CDC does not realize royalties unless the virus is treated within the U.S. Therefore, there must be more Ebola in order to fulfill the profit motive. 

There has been a vaccine in existence, from Crucell but now owned by the National Institute of Health. This vaccine has been in existence for over 10 years.  Then why is GSK developing a hastily prepared NEW vaccine? This fact does actually inspire trust now does it?

Bill Gates has put in over $650 million dollars of his own money in the development of the “new vaccines”. 

The CDC lied about the ability of Ebola to be transmitted through airborne means. This  single factor is the strongest evidence of a conspiracy being perpetrated against the American people because 100% of the evidence comes from peer reviewed scientific journals.  


If you are one of the sheep that is too lazy to spend about an hour reviewing these articles which are specified within previously mentioned date ranges, don’t worry, come back here tomorrow and I will build upon this last section. Further, tomorrow’s article is going to expose the very nature and mechanisms of the PSYOPS being utilized to keep most Americans in the dark about the dangers our country faces. Further, the reader will be presented with some strategies which could be applied to personal survival.


Who Really Owns Your Home?: Detroit Preparing to Foreclose on 142,000 Residents By 2016


Have you ever considered the legitimacy of property taxes? It’s one thing for the government to take a cut from your income, but there’s something deeply offensive about the idea of property taxes. It’s the idea that you have to pay your local government, year after year for the rest of your life, for something you’ve already paid in full. It’s complete nonsense.

It calls into question whether you even own your property in the first place. After all, do you really own it if you have to keep paying for it? It seems to closely resemble the medieval system of serfdom. The peasants didn’t own the land they worked on. They had to pay a yearly fee for the right to work that land, which went towards the nobles and knights. It was protection money. So at least they had the benefit of protection from the warrior class in those societies. Can you say the same of your local police?

I digress. In reality, you don’t “own” your house or the land it sits on, even if it’s been paid in full. That’s another benefit those peasants have on us. They didn’t have to pay some bank for decades, only to have their land taken from them when they didn’t pay their “yearly fee”. They were never under the illusion that the land belonged to them.

I doubt the people of Detroit have any illusions either. They’re facing an unimaginable crises that threatens to put tens of thousands of residents on the streets. The city government is about to show us once and for all, who really owns the land.

This year in Detroit, there have been 22,000 foreclosures on properties whose owners failed to pay property taxes three years in a row. Of those, 10,000 are estimated to be occupied, meaning this year’s foreclosures are set to oust about 27,000 Detroiters from their homes.

That’s a large number in a dwindling city with fewer than 700,000 residents, but the figures are set to get even worse. In the next couple of months, Wayne County’s treasurer will be serving foreclosure notices on 110,000 more properties, 85,000 of which are in Detroit, according to its chief deputy treasurer David Szymanski. With half of those Detroit properties estimated to be occupied, this means a further 115,000 Detroiters might lose their homes next year.

In a city supposedly trying to attract residents rather than lose them, this means a potential 142,000 Detroiters—one-fifth of the city’s population—will be shown the door within the next year and a half. The city has yet to announce plans for accommodating those who get evicted.

Written by: JOSHUA KRAUSE, continue at D.C. CLOTHESLINE

Mom Regrets Not Aborting Son With Down Syndrome: I Would’ve Killed Him if I Could


For the second time in two weeks, a mother has given a shocking and heartbreaking interview in which she admits she would have taken the life of her disabled son in an abortion if she had it to do all over again.

Gillian Relf, 69, regrets having her son, Stephen, who is 47, because he has Down syndrome and requires constant and daily care. She worries about what will happen to her son when she dies.

Relf starts with an embarrassing anecdote about how her son refused to sit in his seat on an airplane as they prepared to leave London for a family trip to Greece.

The pilot had been very patient but, after an hour of the plane waiting on the Tarmac at Heathrow, with my son Stephen refusing to get up off the floor, sit in his seat and buckle up, our bags were removed from the hold and he was carried off the flight, my husband Roy and I walking, hot-cheeked and humiliated, behind.

Our family holiday to Greece would not be going ahead, after all.

And no, Stephen was not an obstreperous toddler when this happened. He was 45 years old. This embarrassing scene happened two years ago and the episode is just one of the many challenges we have faced since Stephen, our second child, was born with Down’s Syndrome.

Written by Steven Ertelt 
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