Fairfax, Virginia, resident and open-carry advocate Robert Dickens heard the police siren and saw the lights, so he very carefully stopped his motorcycle, locked his hands on his head and calmly waited for instructions.

He said yes when an officer asked if he could remove a handgun from a holster Dickens was wearing. He gave the same answer when the officer asked to take temporary custody of a pocketknife he had in his pocket.

In the end, he’s thankful he’s still alive after an up-close and personal encounter with “swatting,’ the practice of making a false report of an on-going critical incident to prompt an emergency response.

“Wow, I could have been killed!” he wrote in a report on the Bearing Arms website of an October incident in which officers from many police units suddenly pulled up around him while he was riding his motorcycle home from a couple of errands.

Such swatting incidents are becoming more common. They started out with Internet gamers who would hide behind online personas and anonymous names to report that their gaming opponent had a gun or had taken hostages.

The response often is a full-scale SWAT team at the location, with guns drawn and military vehicles at the ready. It’s even happened to actor Clint Eastwood.

But its danger turned from theory to tragedy over the summer when John Crawford III was gunned down in a Beavercreek, Ohio, store after being swatted by a caller who claimed Crawford was loading and pointing an assault rifle at customers in Walmart.

Actually, Crawford was merely holding a BB gun that the store sells. But Crawford died when officers fired on him, and another shopper suffered a heart attack and died after the police opened fire, the report said.

The Bearing Arms website said the activity is “a favored tactic” of gun-control supporters.

For example, from the Facebook page of Moms Demand Action, a group that tries to push retailers into public statements of opposition to guns, a Jennifer Decker wrote, “Every time I see someone with a gun in a store I will call 911 … because I feel threatened, they’ll get tired of that right quick!!!”

Added Alan Crammatte, “Call the police and say you feel threatened by a man with a gun.”

The Bearing Arms report had the details of Dickens’ ordeal.

He explained he ran some errands that day, at 7-11 and a Verizon store. Then he was pulled over.

“Now I’m thinking that I’ve got my pistol on me and I’m asking myself how I would feel if I were an officer pulling over someone who was armed,” he wrote. “OK, turn the bike off, straddle the bike, interlock your hands on your head, and be calm.”

He cooperated.

Eventually, he found out a known “swatter” had called police on him.

Reported Bearing Arms: “Unfortunately, the individual in question – like many supporters of gun control – is thought to be mentally ill. The [police department] has a difficult time pursuing a criminal SWAT-ting case against the caller because they can’t prove criminal intent.”

Written by BOB UNRUH
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The city of New York has agreed to pay $7,500 in a settlement for wrongfully arresting a sculptor who was carrying a knife for his work.

The arrest came when an officer improperly classified his legal blade as a banned “gravity knife,” which opens with a flick of the wrist and locks, according to an advocacy organization.

“New York City’s outrageous persecution of those with common pocket knives must end,” said Doug Ritter, chairman of the activist Knife Rights organization.

“Knife Rights will continue to fight these unconstitutional abuses by the city until we win,” he said.

The owner of the knife was identified only as Jonathan W., at his request, to protect his identity, the group said.

“Jonathan was carrying a Spyderco UK Pen Knife with a non-locking blade in New York City when he was arrested for possession of an illegal ‘gravity knife.’ After considerable effort the charges in the case were dismissed and Knife Rights then referred Jonathan to attorney Richard Holzberg of Ernest Holzberg and Associates,” the organization reported.

“Holszberg recently obtained a settlement of $7,500.00 for Jonathan’s wrongful arrest, incarceration and malicious prosecution for carrying a pocket knife that was New York City legal, even considering the city’s continued unconstitutional application of state law against owners of common folding knives.”

The organization explained that an officer approached the artist and asked to see his knife.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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ISIS eyes using Ebola as bio weapon – Spain


AFP Photo/Tony Karumba/Al-Furqan Media

The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed among jihadist groups.

Extremists connected to the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West, Spain’s State Secretary for Security, Francisco Martinez, said in an address to the parliament. 

Martinez stated that this type of activity serves as further proof that the internet is an “an extension of the battlefield” for the Islamic State, which uses cyberspace for “threatening enemies through propaganda, preparing operations, exchanging information, ideological training, recruiting new members and acquiring finance.” 

There are “many examples” of online terrorist chat logs discussing the use of biological warfare against the West, Spain’s RTVE public broadcasting corporation reported.


AFP Photo/Tauseef Mustafa

The most recent talks took place in a “jihadist chat room,” related to the Islamic State, in mid-September. “The use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States” was the topic of conversation, Martinez said. 

There were also a number of tweets that talked about the use of “deadly chemical products from laboratories,” he added, stating that terrorist organization Ansar al-Islam was involved. 

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A Mexican judge has ordered the immediate release of a jailed U.S. Marine veteran who spent eight months behind bars for crossing the border with loaded guns.

Family spokesman Jonathan Franks told The Associated Press on Friday that the judge decided to release retired Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi (Tah-mor-EE-si).

Franks said the judge released him without making a determination on the charge against him.

By Associated Press
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Kerry calls Netanyahu to apologize for official’s ‘chickenshit’ comment


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. (Reuters/Gary Cameron)

US Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday to apologize for the remarks of anonymous senior government officials, calling Israeli prime minister “chikenshit”.

Kerry and Netanyahu had a “good conversation”that included a discussion of ways to improve relations between US and Israeli leaders, American officials told the Times of Israel. The two men also discussed other regional issues, including efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“The thing about Bibi [Netanyahu] is, he’s a chickenshit,” a senior Obama administration official told the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, who published the quote in an article Tuesday on the“crisis in US-Israeli relations.

“The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars. The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states,” the anonymous source continued.

The White House and Kerry moved quickly to distance themselves from the quotes.

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Pentagon: The Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Should Not Reveal Himself On Fox News


US Navy Photo A Navy SEAL stalks a target during a training exercise.

On Wednesday, Fox News announced it planned to reveal the identity of the Navy SEAL who shot Osama Bin Ladenin a documentary set to air next month.

But in a statement issued to Business Insider, the Pentagon stressed that anyone who participated in the 2011 operation that left the Al Qaeda leader dead was “still bound” by a “non-disclosure agreement to not discuss classified information, especially in a nationally televised interview.”

This seems to indicate the SEAL could face a criminal investigation for participating in the documentary.  

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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave desert


Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo (Reuters/Gene Blevins)

One person is dead Friday after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo experimental rocket plane crashed in the Mohave Desert after the aircraft suffered an “in-flight anomaly” during a test flight.

Virgin Galactic said on Twitter early Friday that its SpaceShipTwo plane would be conducting its fifty-fifth test flight that day as the company continues to work at offering clients an opportunity in the future to fly in one of the vessels to the edge of outer space, or around 62 miles from Earth. Shortly after the exercise began, however, Virgin Galactic said simply that the craft“experienced an in-flight anomaly.”

One person is dead Friday after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo experimental rocket plane crashed in the Mohave Desert after the aircraft suffered an “in-flight anomaly” during a test flight.

Virgin Galactic said on Twitter early Friday that its SpaceShipTwo plane would be conducting its fifty-fifth test flight that day as the company continues to work at offering clients an opportunity in the future to fly in one of the vessels to the edge of outer space, or around 62 miles from Earth. Shortly after the exercise began, however, Virgin Galactic said simply that the craft“experienced an in-flight anomaly.”

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Federal agency issues “services sought” notice for PPE supplies


Image Credits: European Commission / Flickr

The Centers for Disease Control is looking to purchase body bags and a host of other personal protective equipment in response to the Ebola outbreak as concerns continue to linger about the spread of the virus.

A “sources sought” notice posted on FedBizOppsreveals that, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) is seeking multiple sources of supply for personal protective equipment (PPE) for potential use in the current Ebola Virus Disease outbreak response.”

According to an attachment entitled “List of Personal Protective Equipment for Sources Sought Notice,” the federal agency is looking to source suppliers of body bags that can hold 200-250 lbs of weight. The bags must also include, “At least 6 handholds included in the body bag to allow burial team to hand carry it safely.”

The advisory states that the body bags and other equipment are intended to be used both in West Africa and in response to other Ebola outbreaks worldwide.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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What Can’t Be Paid, Won’t Be Paid—Not Even to Government Pension Funds

According to The New York Times article “In Ruling on California Town’s Bankruptcy, Judge Challenges Security of Pensions”:

Is Nothing Sacred? Not Even Gov-co Pensions?! [courtesy Google Images]

Is Nothing Sacred? Not Even Gov-co Pensions?!
[courtesy Google Images]

“A federal bankruptcy judge on Wednesday upended the widely held belief that public workers’ pensions have a special status in California that makes them impossible to cut, further chipping away at the idea that pensions are sacrosanct in a municipal bankruptcy.”

The judge ruled against the sanctity of CalPERS pensions and declared the CalPERS liens on the city of Stockton, California to be null and void.

What’s that mean?

It means that a federal judge has ruled that a government—albeit the relatively small government of the city of Stockton, California—that’s bankrupt, doesn’t have to pay its debts—not even to California government workers now on CalPERS pensions.  That means the debt owed by the city government of Stockton to the pensions of government employees, will not be imposed on the people of Stockton.  If the city government is bankrupt, the city’s government’s debts are null and void.

The city employees (who’ve been sticking it to the city taxpayers for years) argued that being associated with the government, they were special and, if the bankrupt city government couldn’t pay their pensions, then the city’s chumps (the taxpayers) would still have to be held responsible.

The bankruptcy court disagreed.

The court said that if a city government becomes bankrupt, all of it debts–even those owed to other governmental agencies–can be discharged and left unpaid.

Pretty shocking, hmm?

This means that if government employee wages and/or pensions become so high that they help force a government into bankruptcy, the government employee pension funds could also wind up bankrupt.  And that means that if government workers want to collect their pensions, they’d better not get too greedy.

The City of Stockton bankruptcy case implicitly acknowledged what I’ve been saying for years:  Government debt is too great to be paid.  What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.  If the Stockton government is bankrupt, even debts owed to government pensions must be, and will be, rendered void.

Written By: ALFRED ADASK – continue at ADASK’S LAW

It Is a Mistake to Consider the Ebola Epidemic a Hoax


I was almost ready to dismiss the present “Ebola crisis” as a hoax as so many others have. Just based upon the fact that the virus is not spreading within the United Stated as would be expected, there is a natural tendency to reasonably suspect that we are not looking at a strain of Ebola that has been weaponized. It would also be reasonable to assume that this  bioweapon is not nearly as contagious as “traditional Ebola” and this would explain the extremely low transmission rate. The obvious purpose of this bioweapon, under these conditions, would be to scare people into taking the Bill Gates funded vaccines. However, as this article will demonstrate, it might be a mistake to jump to the false flag conclusion at this point in time.

This article is the first of a two part series which explores the differing possibilities connected to so-called presence of Ebola inside of the United States

The Numbers Do Not Lie

As the subtitle suggests, Ebola should be exploding exponentially through the United States, for a variety of reasons, and it is not. I have spent the past week considering the possibility that Ebola really is a false flag designed to “trick” us into submitting to a national protocol relating to forcing every man, woman and child in the country into taking vaccines. On the surface, the case is strong that we are not dealing with traditional Ebola. The reasons for this line of reasoning are listed below.

Last weekend, I used my SPSS statistics program to run the projected reproduction rate (Ro) of the Ebola virus in the United States. Based upon the late Thomas Duncan’s unrestricted movements, as USA’s “patient zero”, prior to succumbing to Ebola, my statistics program tells me that we should be seeing hundreds of cases in the U.S. by this point in time. Before Christmas, we should be seeing thousands, if not tens of thousands of cases. Yet, we are not. As far as we know, there is only one active case inside of the United States and that would be Dr. Spencer. This defies all logic if we are looking at Ebola as we understand the virus to be.

If the United States had over 250 cases of Ebola, social media would make it virtually impossible for this administration to cover up every single case.

The fact is, that Ebola is not spreading as expected.

 The Spread of Ebola Is Related to GDP and Type of Economy

In my study, related to the spread of the pathogen, through of the use of a multiple regression analysis, I found a positive correlation between GDP, the type of economy and the Ro rate. What jumped out in my analysis of West African countries was that the more affluent economies had a 60% greater Ro rate than the poorer countries

When one ponders the fact that a higher GDP is related to more people congregating together (e.g. shopping malls, public transit, movie theaters, sporting events, etc.) in close proximity, thus the greater Ro rate would be expected to be higher in wealthier countries. For example, Dr. Christian L. Althaus  from the Swiss National Science Foundation found that Sierra Leone has an Ro rate of 2.53, with a GDP of $9 billion dollars. Liberia has a GDP of only $3 billion dollars and a Ro rate of 1.59, or almost 60% less that Sierra Leone. Liberia is an extremely primitive economy in which almost 80% of the people work in agriculture and would have less person to person contact on a daily basis than in Sierra Leone in which less than half of Sierra Leone population is employed in agriculture.

If we apply the Sierra Leone Ro numbers to the United States, as a factor of GDP, coupled with our service based economy combined with high concentrations of people in close proximity, our Ro Rate should be 9-10 times greater than Sierra Leone. This would place the expected Ro rate of approximately 20 times greater for the Ebola virus based upon our service economy structure and the mobility of our society.

In short, the virus is inexplicably failing to replicate in the expected manner. The fear of Ebola is spreading faster than the virus itself.

More Mitigating Factors Suggesting the Ebola Crisis Is a False Flag

Infected Ebola victims, not in quarantine, should be infected many others prior to encountering medical personnel. In a distinct and stunning statistical anomaly, we need to consider why are such a disproportionate number of medical personnel are contracting the virus in comparison to the general population?  This suggests implantation of the virus, not the normal spreading of a virus. This is particularly true when an Ebola victim would have contact with the public far in advance of diagnostics and treatment, and in greater numbers than they would with medical personnel.

The evidence seems strong that we are looking at an artificially mutated virus designed not to be highly transmissible. Within this line of thinking, Bill “Vaccine” Gates must be licking his chops and sharpening his syringes in anticipation of a huge payday connected to the needless mass vaccination of the American public.

Not So Fast…

There are some very serious questions connected as to why we should not be so quick to dismiss the Ebola crisis as a monumental health risk and national security concern.

Why is Human Health Services and the DOD pressing forward with the preparation of FEMA camps for occupation of Ebola victims and those exposed to them for a virus that is not spreading?

As I have previously pointed out, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola, and all strains within 70% of the variance of the virus. As a result, the CDC stands to make money on the spread of the virus due to the royalties associated with treating a patented virus. But wait a minute, a patent is never issued for owning something in nature. Therefore, we must conclude that this present strain of Ebola has been artificially altered. Why?

If the hoax of the spread of Ebola is true then why are the following actions being taken by the government?

The government has ordered over 250,000 hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas. Why? In what appears to be an effort to ensure the spread of Ebola in the United States, Obama has announced that Ebola patients will be brought from West Africa for treatment in the United States at a cost of $500, 000 for each case.  Further, Ebola symptoms can be spread by people with no symptoms. Various government agencies are scrambling to order one million hazmat suits and we should all be asking why?

No, it is too early and there is far too much contradictory evidence to suggest that the virus is not going to be a threat to the American public in the near future. There is also another factor that could prove very telling and that is the real reason why U.S. soldiers are being sent to West Africa. This will be the topic of Part Two of this series.