Black Thugs Rob RT Reporter During Riots

RT news reporter gets robbed by black mob while covering riots in Baltimore.

This is a prime example why everyone should be armed. This is one of the many reasons we have the 2nd Amendment, to defend ourselves against mobs and thugs.

The police won’t always be there for you to save the day. There’s freedom in knowing you can put the stop to the situation your in and defend yourself.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots


Crowd-funding company claims terms of service violated after complaints

Aaron and Melissa Klein

In the wake of what many are viewing as a crushingly punitive and unfair judgment, former bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein were ordered by administrative judge Alan McCullough to pay $135,000 in fines to a lesbian couple. The Kleins declined to bake a wedding cake for the couple due to their religious beliefs.

Almost immediately, supporters set up a GoFundMe page on behalf of the family. Within seven hours, at approximately 6:30 pm Pacific time, it had received nearly $80,000 in funding.


An hour later, it had topped $100,000.


Full report at WND

American Politics: A House of Mirrors

A house of mirrors is an immersive, highly distorted and intentionally confusing version of reality

A house of mirrors is an immersive, highly distorted and intentionally confusing version of reality. Those walking its corridors are sometimes amused and sometimes frightened by the disorienting experience, but luckily for them, it is only temporary. There is an exit, and they will walk through it, back to reality.

But what if one existed their entire lives in such a distorted reality and knew of no exits? Would they convince themselves that these distorted images reflected back at them were in fact reality no matter how unnatural they appeared? Could they convince themselves to enjoy and even embrace this distorted reality?

One ponders such questions when looking from the outside-in on American politics. It too is a house of mirrors reflecting back a reality entirely distorted. Also like a house of mirrors, American politics have been intentionally constructed this way, to confuse, disorient and even frighten the American people when necessary to exercise mass persuasion over them. The final result is perpetual impunity granted to the powers that truly be, hiding behind the powers that allegedly were “elected,” and powers whose authority only exists in this house of mirrors and no further.

New Leaders, Old Wars 

Consider US President George Bush Sr. He launched the inaugural war of what he himself called a “New World Order.” Operation Desert Storm included multiple nations comprising of nearly a million soldiers who swept from the map one of the largest conventional armies (4th largest) in the world. Bush Sr., however, paused just ahead of sweeping the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from power. His successor, US President William Jefferson Clinton would keep Iraq subdued with periodic bombing campaigns and the imposition of both crippling sanctions and no-fly zones in the north and south of Iraq.

Clinton would serve 8 years in office and lock horns with Russia in Serbia in a proto-Ukraine-style conflict. In 2000, we should remember that George Bush Jr. ran on a platform opposed to global interventionism. For those trapped in the house of mirrors, this distortion of reality seemed very convincing. For those who understood the hegemonic mission of America’s special interests, those that transcend elections and political parties, they knew Bush Sr.’s desires for a “New World” endured and would manifest themselves in a yet revealed, muscular foreign policy that only needed the right impetus to be justified in the eyes of the American people.

Conveniently, the events of September 11, 2001 delivered just that. So began the 8 year “War on Terror.” So sick of wars were Americans at the end of those 8 years, that anyone promising to end them would likely win the 2008 elections. And so Barack Obama did and thus became “US President.” However, not only did the wars not end, and not only were they in fact expanded, new wars were begun. In fact, these new wars were all the planned wars Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. never got around to fighting.

Yet, no matter how unnatural this distorted reflection appeared in the American politics house of mirrors, those trapped perpetually within its mirrored walls found it perfectly acceptable for a Democratic president to continue Republican wars and start new wars the Republicans could only have dreamed of starting but couldn’t because of left-wing anti-war movements now silent because “their guy” was in office.

Hillary = Obama = Bush Jr. = Clinton = Bush Sr.  

With Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is running for office in 2016 with President Obama’s full endorsement, those infected with neo-liberalism and wandering the corridors of this house of mirrors see yet another distorted, ghoulish image staring back, but one they are yet again ready to embrace.

Here is a woman who as US Secretary of State laughed and mocked the Libyan people upon hearing their leader had been murdered by terrorists in what constituted by all accounts a war crime. Before that, she played an active role in selling the war upon Libya in 2011 to the American left (as the American right had already desired such a war for years and needed no convincing). By 2016 we may have yet another Clinton in office, and a Clinton fully dedicated to carrying on the wars of both the Democrats and Republicans that came before her.

To say this is continuity of agenda is a bit of an understatement. American foreign policy has been so singular in purpose and focus for the past several decades that it is clear that behind the distortions of this house of mirrors, something singular and very nasty has been there the entire time. Who or what could it be?

The Real President of the United States Lives on Wall Street, not Pennsylvania Avenue 

How about we look at the people who pay for the political campaigns to put these various spokesmen and women-in-chiefs into office in the first place? Or the immense interests driving lobbying efforts that target and control both sides of the political aisle in American politics? A single Fortune 100 corporation has enough money to buy out every relevant politician on Capital Hill and still finish up the fiscal year bloated with billions in profits. And what happens when these interests converge across various think-tanks they themselves have set up and created to generate the singular foreign and domestic policies we see carried forward from presidency to presidency, from congressional session to session?

We see complete control exerted over American politics as well as across the media, allegedly charged to serve as watchdogs and a check and balance, but instead turned into an echo chamber and instrument of mass persuasion by those who have clearly consolidated the summation of American politics in their pockets.

While policy might be debated over by these special interests, and groups moved in one direction or another to exert influence against competing special interests among this exclusive club, one thing is for sure, the American voter is the last voice considered in this process.

Since the American voter is incapable of seeing that they are in fact in a house of mirrors to begin with, and think they are “outside” in reality making real decisions, their decisions are completely irrelevant to those who really do live outside in reality and are actually making real decisions.

We must understand that for special interests that collectively control trillions of dollars in assets, profits and infrastructure all over the planet, the last thing they are willing to do is allow for the existence of a system that might actually put into power a form of authority above their own, that would set policy predicated upon the interests of the people, rather than their own. They have the money, the power and the ability to ensure policy is set to suit them, and them alone, and they clearly have done just that.

This is why US troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, wars are still being waged either directly or indirectly against Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Russia and destabilization targeting China and other targets of Washington and Wall Street’s special interests continues unabated, albeit distorted within the house of mirrors, regardless of who is president.

So Americans may think they are voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and those infected with neo-liberalism the world over may think another enlightened champion of their progressive cause has taken the reins of the free world, but they might as well have voted for another Bush. The reality is, that as along as Americans and those who look to America from abroad for leadership dwell in this house of mirrors, the special interests that intentionally built this carnival called “democracy” will have their way back in actual reality.

Instead of fumbling through another four years trapped inside this carnival attraction, let’s find the exits. Let’s leave this house of mirrors and breathe a breath of fresh air. Are we really going to listen to another round of campaign promises, holding our breath hoping that this time they mean it? Or will we begin divesting from this system and building our own, one that might actually truly represent us this time, far from the mirrored walls that held us for so long?

Read more at NEO

US corporations generate hundreds of billions of dollars annually by bribing politicians

(NaturalNews) Corporate lobbying is big business in the U.S., where the highest bribing multinational corporations are allowed to freely siphon billions of dollars every year from the federal coffers. But few people realize just how much these monolithic corporate entities are effectively stealing from American taxpayers by paying off Congress for financial and political favors.

According to a recent analysis conducted by the Sunlight Foundation, 200 of America’s most politically active corporations collectively spend about $1.2 billion annually lobbying the federal government for tax breaks, grants and other financial incentives. And in return, they garner more than $733 billion a year in payouts.

The financial rate of return, if you will, for corporations that actively lobby Congress for what they want is astronomical. As explained by Zero Hedge, these returns range between 5,900% for things like oil subsidies and as high as 22,000% for multinational tax breaks. And in the drug sector, the return is even higher, at 77,500%.

“Putting [this] in context, the $4.4 trillion total [that the top 200 corporations received from the federal government between 2007 and 2012] represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion that individual taxpayers paid into the federal treasury,” explains Zero Hedge.

That’s right, $4.4 trillion — with a t — is what the 200 most powerful U.S. corporations raked in over the course of five years from congressional lobbying, a huge return from the relatively paltry $5.8 billion they spent to get this massive return. They can call this “lobbying” all day long, but what it really constitutes is bribery.

“[B]y ‘spending: [sic] a paltry $6 billion to bribe the US government, or just a little more than what GM will spend on stock buybacks alone, US corporations are getting the direct benefit of two-thirds of US taxpayers’ labor!” adds Zero Hedge.

Corporations pull in 75,900% return on investment for bribing federal government

Put differently, the top multinational corporations pulling the strings in D.C. receive about $760 back from the federal government for every $1 they spend bribing politicians. This, while more than 8 million working Americans have lost their jobs since the start of the last national “recession” in 2008.

So while the already shrinking middle class took another huge blow due from central banking cronyism, the criminals running D.C. freely handed out billions of dollars in bailouts to banking kingpins like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co., two entities that played a major role in causing the financial meltdown in the first place.

America’s executive branch made things even worse several years back when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporate spending on federal elections does not “give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” In essence, the courts decided that corporations are free to spend away in order to maintain their influence over the political system.

And it doesn’t matter if the politicians in office are “Democrat” or “Republican” — all of them cater to their corporate masters, as evidenced by financial records and other data pulled by Sunlight throughout the course of various elections and position changes within government.

“During the six years we studied, newly elected Democratic majorities took control in the House and Senate,” explains the Sunlight report. “Two years later, the White House shifted from Republican to Democratic control, and two years after that the GOP came back to take the House.”

“The collapse of the housing bubble in 2007 led to massive bailout efforts by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board, two massive stimulus bills and the loss of more than eight million jobs. Congress passed laws that overhauled health care insurance and financial industry regulation. Troops surged in Afghanistan and withdrew from Iraq. There were 16 separate ‘continuing resolutions’ to fund the government, a debt ceiling standoff that caused a downgrade in the nation’s credit rating and a ‘super committee’ to wrestle with the federal budget.”

“As middle class Americans lost ground, the Fixed Fortune 200 got what they needed.”


Written by Jonathan Benson
Learn more: Natural News

By order of the King, day care children shall drink less juice

(NaturalNews) At the same time that some lawmakers in New York State are pushing to expand late-term abortions and allow anyone to murder unborn babies at any time during pregnancy by shooting poison directly into their hearts, the Empire Nanny State is attempting once again to ban more beverages from public consumption.

The New York City Board of Health has decreed that all licensed city day care facilities must now limit how much juice children are allowed to consume. According to reports, children at day care centers must be at least two years of age before they are allowed to drink any juice onsite. And for those two years of age or older, only four ounces per day of juice will be allowed.

And any old juice simply won’t do. Juice products spiked with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other additives are prohibited, with only “100% juice” products allowed. Under the old rules, children as young as eight months old were allowed to drink up to six ounces of “100% juice” daily, but that will no longer be the case.

The new rules, which have been published in the city’s Health Code, are said to be in line with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommendations that a majority of children’s recommended fruit intake come from whole fruit. Juice products, claim health authorities, are contributing to obesity and other chronic health problems in many of the same ways that soda pop beverages are.

“Sedentary” time restricted to 30 minutes per week rather than 60 minutes per day

The rule changes also address the types of activities day care center children will be allowed to engage in on a daily basis. Rather than be allowed to spend up to an hour per day watching television and playing games on tablet devices, day care center children will now be restricted to only one half-hour of screen time per week.

This 30-minute-per-week limit on “sedentary” time will not include nap time or time spent reading, doing puzzles or painting, according to authorities. It will only restrict mind-numbing sedentary activities like TV-watching that have been scientifically shown to rot children’s brains and make them dumber, especially during their early developmental years.

Limiting children’s sugar intake and sedentary time is admittedly a positive thing, but should the government be in charge of mandating these requirements? Some New York City parents don’t think so, and they’ve been quick to denounce the move, likening it to ex-NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nanny state restrictions on beverage sizes.

“It’s like the big soda ban under Bloomberg!” stated Brooklyn mom Victoria Clark to the New York Daily News. “TV can be educational, and not all juices are bad.”

Other parents, however, are supportive of the restrictions.

“I would never send my kid to a day care where they are watching TV,” commented Elizabeth Clements, a mother of three from TriBeCa, in support of the new rules.

According to an official notice published in the City Record, 15% of three-year-olds and 17% of four-year-olds from low-income families are now obese. Because of this, says the Board of Health, public health measures need to be taken to curb this epidemic and give the next generation a better chance at health and wellness.

“Dietary and lifestyle habits and preferences developed at a very early age can often persist and may have [a] profound impact on an individual’s health later on,” wrote the Board in the City Record.

Sources for this article include:

Written by Jonathan Benson
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Rioting In Baltimore While ‘Nerd Prom’ Rages 40 Miles Away In DC

As hundreds of journalists, politicians and celebrities hobnobbed Saturday at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner — which has been dubbed “Nerd Prom” — looting and rioting broke out just 40 miles down the road in Baltimore.

Demonstrators gathered near Baltimore’s city hall early Saturday to protest the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died a week after being arrested by police on April 12.

Gray suffered a severe spinal injury after being arrested following a foot pursuit. Gray’s family, Baltimore citizens and civil rights activists have cited the case as yet another unjustified police-involved death. Baltimore’s police commissioner admitted on Friday that Gray did not receive proper medical care following his arrest.

Written by CHUCK ROSS- Daily Caller
Full report at The Daily Caller


A fake rental truck with a fake dirty bomb inside triggered a practice military response Friday in Battle Creek

Trace Christenson/The Enquirer
Clifton Provo of Kalamazoo is treated as a victim of a contamination incident conducted Friday by the Army National Guard in Battle Creek.

A fake rental truck with a fake dirty bomb inside triggered a practice military response Friday in Battle Creek.

Army National Guard members converged on a parking lot outside ABC Warehouse at 5700 Beckley Road for training and an evaluation of their response to a critical incident.

A similar exercise was held earlier this week at C.O. Brown Stadium and and more will be next week again at the stadium and at the former W.K. Kellogg Middle School.

About 160 members of the 460th Chemical Company of the Army National Guard based at Fort Custer Training Center in Augusta participated Friday as well as civilian volunteers who played victims of the incident.

Written by Trace Christenson


Former presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul (R) is criticizing President Obama for the “targeted assassination” of Americans in al Qaeda

Former presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul (R) is criticizing President Obama for the “targeted assassination” of Americans in al Qaeda.

While Obama apologized Thursday for airstrikes that killed two hostages, American Warren Weinstein and Italian Giovanni Lo Porto, Paul said the media should be paying more attention to the two American terrorism suspects who were killed.

“There were other people killed, but you won’t read about it in the media I’m quite sure because they were two Americans who had joined al-Qaeda, so they are automatically very bad people,” he said during the “Ron Paul Liberty Report,” which was posted to YouTube.

“Being an American citizen means nothing in this day and age of no law and order so they were literally assassinated, this was a targeted assassination of Americans because they were doing something we didn’t want them to do.”

Full report at THE HILL


US-backed militants carry out brutal execution

Shocking video shows Ukrainian neo-nazi militia fighters carrying out an ISIS-style execution during which they nail a separatist rebel to a cross and then burn him alive.


The authenticity of the footage is yet to be confirmed, although it seems chillingly real on first viewing.

The brutal murder was reportedly carried out by members of the Azov Battalion, which was converted into a regiment last year, making it a de facto part of the Ukrainian Army. The paramilitary group forms“the backbone of the forces fighting against the local self-defense militia advocating independence from Ukraine.”

Ukrainian nationalist volunteers have repeatedly been accused of carrying out “ISIS-style war crimes” during the conflict, including beheadings.

The clip shows a hooded man kneeling in a field as five Ukrainian militants stand around him while one reads a statement. The militants then grab the victim, who is gagged, and place him down on a wooden cross.

The man’s arms are taped to the cross and his hands are then nailed to the structure as he groans and writhes in agony.

The victim is then lifted up on the cross, which is planted in the ground before the militants light a fire at the bottom. The video cuts off at the point that the fire reaches the man’s feet and he begins to scream.

The execution, which was reportedly carried out near the village of Shirokino, came with a message from Azov fighters to pro-Russian rebels; “All the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same”.

Pro-separatist hackers Cyberberkut, to whom the video was sent, responded by vowing that no Ukrainian Army or militia fighters would be taken alive in future.

Azov militants identify as neo-nazis and routinely adorn their helmets and uniforms with Nazi SS logos and swastikas, as seen in the image below taken from German television.


“Azov fighters do more than wave a Swastika-like flag,” writes Robert Parry, “they favor the Wolfsangel flag of Hitler’s SS divisions, much as some of Ukraine’s neo-Nazis still honor Hitler’s Ukrainian SS auxiliary, the Galician SS. A Ukrainian hero hailed during the Maidan protests was Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera whose paramilitary forces helped exterminate Jews and Poles.”

Following last year’s coup d’état, Kiev also handed key positions within the newly formed government to members of the neo-nazi Svoboda Party, despite the fact that one if its top members, Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn, founded a think tank named the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre as an homage to the Nazi propaganda minister.

Despite their implication in war crimes and fascist ideology, on Monday, U.S. troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade arrived at the Yavoriv training ground in Lviv to work with Ukrainian national guard battalions.

As the Telegraph reported last year, Kiev has thrown openly fascist battalions like Azov onto the front line in their battle against pro-Russian separatist rebels.

Despite their clear neo-nazi sympathies, Senator John McCain and others have repeatedly called on the Obama administration to arm pro-Kiev militants. Last month Congress passed a resolution urging Obama to send “lethal defensive weapon systems” to Ukraine.

Arming and funding bloodthirsty militants who carry out ISIS-style executions would be a repeat of Washington’s disastrous policy of doing the very same thing in Libya and Syria, a strategy that directly led to the growth of ISIS throughout the region. However, aPew poll conducted in February found that a majority of Americans support doing precisely that.

The one hour video below exhaustively documents how neo-nazi militants were involved in both the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government as well as fighting on the front lines alongside post-coup Kiev forces.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

Why does Washington Post, USA Today, NPR and the AP get its ‘science’ talking points from a convicted felon who went to prison for Medicaid fraud?

(NaturalNews) In recent days, Columbia University’s School of Journalism announced its 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners, and the list contained many of the usual suspects.

The New York Times picked up a couple more awards for a political corruption story, Ebola coverage and international reportage; The Wall Street Journal won for an investigative hit piece against healthcare providers who manipulate Medicare; the Los Angeles Times won for reporting how the state’s extreme drought has affected the “human condition”; a smaller South Carolina paper won a prize for reporting violence against women; the St. Louis Post-Dispatch picked up a Pulitzer for photography during the Ferguson riots; some guy won the Poetry Pulitzer for revealing the “scope of African-American experience” through poems that drew from “slave narratives.”

And so forth. In other words, these mainstream papers “went after” stories where reporters and editors had already decided the outcome, and as usual, Columbia University rewarded their pre-conceived orthodoxy as members of the journalistic “cool kids club.”

Dr. Oz no longer a “cool kid”

Why does this matter? Because it helps explain how a man like Dr. Oz could be so savagely attacked by a media so willing to pile on this suddenly not-so-cool kid without bothering to actually investigate the charges being made against him and, more importantly, by whom: When you’re out of “the club,” the cool kids have already decided you must be guilty as charged because that sounds about right.

As noted by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), a non-profit organization advocating for more openness in the food industry, recent hit pieces against Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of a popular daytime television program that often focuses on bogus conventional health treatments and alternative medicine choices, were perpetrated willingly by a mainstream media too trusting of “establishment” medical sources, most likely because Dr. Ozdoesn’t toe the cool club line.

As USRTK noted in a press release about the Dr. Oz criticism:

The 55-point headline in Slate blares, “Letter from Prominent Doctors Implies Columbia Should Fire Dr. Oz for Being a Quack.” The story by Ben Mathis-Lilly is based on a letter by a group of doctors who want Columbia University to relieve Dr. Oz of his position as vice chair of the department of surgery at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“Dr. Oz has repeatedly shown disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine, as well as baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops,” says the letter, which was sent soon after Dr. Oz aired a show about glyphosate, the herbicide associated with most genetically engineered crops that was recently designated as a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

The complaint to Columbia was signed by Dr. Henry I. Miller and nine colleagues, “all of whom are distinguished physicians,” the letter claims.

Media attacks when narrative fits a pre-conceived notion of “The Truth”

But are they really? As Dr. Bob Arnot, the chief medical correspondent for NBC News, noted during an appearance on CNN following the release of the letter, the attack against Dr. Oz appeared to be generated by the “doctors” more beholden to the GMO industry:

[T]he most interesting part of this is this letter. First of all, it’s not from the Columbia faculty. It’s from ten physicians, all of whom have industry ties. And if you look carefully at the letter, what it’s really about is that the industry is furious that he has taken on genetically modified crops. So you basically have industry henchmen who are after Dr. Oz here. One of them in fact, head of the American Council on Science and Health, spent some time in federal prison for Medicaid fraud, so I’d be very careful about who has written this letter. [emphases added]

USRTK has the skinny on the entire list of ten “impartial” doctors here.

The point is, the mainstream media — always out to protect its PC credentials — leapt on this story without first investigating it properly because it “fit” a pre-conceived “cool kid club” narrative, namely, that anyone who dares question the safety of genetically modified anything is a “quack” whose reputation has to be destroyed.

Now, on to the next racially motivated riot and “investigation” into what is affecting the “human condition.”


Written by J. D. Heyes
Learn more: Natural News

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